Monday, August 11, 2014


What is a "Control Register"?
"The relationship between the Jewish population and the State was fundamentally changed by the so-called Systematic Patent from 3 August 1797, which determined rights and duties of the Jewish inhabitants, in its individual sections. Jewish teachers were authorized to keep registers, instead of them there might have been a person authorized by the suzerain lord at places where there was no school. But Jewish registrars were supervised by Catholic priests who also had to keep duplicates of Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths, the so-called Control Registers."

Fond Name: Jewish Control Register
Fond #144
Fond Mark: HBM
Dates: 1780-1903 (1943)
Language; German; Czech

Click on "inventory" and select the desired information.
Click on "registry"--it brings you to a search box which I couldn't get to work. Perhaps you need to spell out a name complete with Czech accent marks.