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The following is based on a French article by Frederick Viey.

German Soldiers in Saint-Quentin

The following attended a Conference of Rabbis, Chaplains to the Prussians:
Dr. Baerwald, Dr. Italiener, Dr. Cohne, Dr. Lewin, Dr. Salzberger, Dr. Wilde, Dr. Baeck, Dr. Levy

Roger Bruhl
Born 10/10/1898 in Paris, died 10/17/1918. He was the son of Paul Bruhl & Margherite Casewitz; Paul’s brother was Henri, whose wife was Berthe, daughter of the Chief Rabbi Zadock-Kahn. Paul’s parents were David Bruhl & Clotilde Hadamard (she was related to Captain Dreyfus, who had married a Hadamard).

            Jewish Soldiers who died during the Battle of Saint-Quentin

            German Military Cemetery
Leonahard Fabian, Robert Jakier, Nathan Meyer, Leopold Bachrach, Kurt Michel, Fritz Bergmann, Manfred Lebenstein, Jakob Seligmann, Emmanuel Weil, Sidor Levy, Rudolf Freudenberg, Ernst Kaufmann, Bruno Berliner, Leo Lichtenstein, Salomon Behr, Sigfried Feiner, Walter Blumenthal, Moritz, Aschenbrandt, Hermann Horn, Hermann Emanuel, Kurt Katz, Herbert Laskow, Hugo Bar, Epich Kempner, Joseph Stock

            American Military Cemetery
Paul Braverman, Henry J. Brown
Hermann Dotz
Samuel Entin, Louis Epstein
Benjamin Ferkins, Walter C. Flato, Hyman Freiberg
Harry Golden, Harry D. Goldie, Jack Horowitz
Samuel J. Lewin, Harry J. Louis
Edwin H. Milkman
Abe Rosen, Joseph Roth
Edwards B. Sargent, Maurice Schwach, Jerome Schwartz, Harry Sherman, Herman Selner, Benjamin Silver, Arthur Sloman, Charles Smith, Morris Sobat, Isaac Solomonoff, Solomon Springer
 Isidor Tolmach, Emil Tuckerman
David H. Wall, Solomon Weintraub, Harry Yacker


“Widow, Mrs. Blanche Bloch Levy, married Mr. Seligman Bloch, merchant, in 6/3/1883. Mr. Bloch was a milliner…She had two children:
1.    M. Edmond Solomon Bloch, lawyer, who was born in Saint-Quentin 4/23/1912, married in Paris 7/12/1912, residing…in Paris.
2.    M. Sylvain Lucien Bloch, representing Commerce, was born in Saint-Quentin 11/9/1889, married in Paris 3/2/1922…
M. Seligman Bloch died in his home 11/20/1915… in Paris. He was the husband of Florette Blanche Levy. His second son Edmond Solomon was mobilized during the Great War… After the death of M. Bloch, the business was taken over by his wife, Blanche Bloch….[A letter of appeal was written 12/15/1922] for damages [due to] the war and …The proceeding has been pending for a very long time.. and would have the greatest interest in having this matter resolved….”

“Mr. Georges Levy, textile merchant, residing …in Paris, filed [for damages] …on 10/12/1919. This is the claim for cotton fabrics taken by the Germans from factories in Bris, Denerly, Marville….”