Monday, October 13, 2014


“VILNA ARCHIVE: ACTS & DOCUMENTS…RELATING TO THE HISTORY OF 1812-1813” (Vol. 5): Some Jewish Names from Index (publish. 1912)

The names were found in the book's index, toward the back of the book. Most, but not all, of the names had the word "Jew" as an identifier. The numbers following the names are only some of the pages on which the individuals were found in the documents. The information is written in Russian.

Natanson Beniamin—Vilna merchant (245)
Natanson Leyba—Vilna merchant (246)
Neyman Israel (257-259)

Tikotsinsky Haim (201, 206, 207)

Uriashovich Zelman—member of the Vilna kahal (70)

Faynzilberg Orel—member of the Vawkavysk kahal (190)
Fishel—Vilna merchant

Shapir Mikhel
Shishkovich Israel (240)
Shlemovich Gershon (208, 209)
Shmuylovich Mordkhel (191, 202)
Shmuylovich Sholom (181)
Shteyn Paltyya (196, 200)


Yudeliovich Kalman (201)

Yakubovich Girsh (33)
Yankelevich Blum (200)
Yankelevich Ioel (199, 200)
Yankelevich Sroel (199, 200)
Yankelevich Hackel –spy (?—“shpon” шпіонъ )
Yankelovich Yankel--spy