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1880-1919 TSGIAK (Ukrainian Archives): Criminal Court

1880-1919 TSGIAK
(Central Historical Archives of Ukraine, Kiev)

Fond 318 Kiev Court of Justice
(Fonds of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office)

Criminal Dept., 1880-1906

  * RSDRP: Russian Social Democratic Labor Party—“A revolutionary socialist political party formed in 1898 in Minsk to unite various revolutionary organisations of the Russian empire into one party.” (Wikipedia)

Inventory/Opis 1, vol. 1, Case/Delo 89, 197 sheets: Case against inhabitants of Rozheva Radmyslsky dist. of Kiev Province. Wechsler IE, Duvidova O., et al. for resisting officials of the excise dept., 1898-1899.

Inv. 1, vol.1. Case 376, 44 sheets: Case against a citizen of Gorshike Ovruchsky County, Volhynia. Rogalya FG for speaking against the czar. 1905

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1222, Case against a teacher in  Berdichev vocational school, Fuchs RI, who possessed illegal literature (leaflets, newspaper of the RSDRP*, etc.). 1907-1912.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1229: Case against bourgeois (merchant?), Kofman GL, living in Kiev, & in possession of illegal pamphlets & leaflets of the RSDRP. 1907-1908. 

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1230: Inquiry into charges against Kofman GL for possessing illegal pamphlets & leaflets. 1907.

Inv. 1, Vol. 2, Case 1235: Case against Meerovskaya LN detained in Kiev for keeping proclamations of the Kiev Committee of the RSDLP. 1907-1908.

Inv. 1, vol. 2. Case 1245: Case against Reichman SA detained in Shpola Zvenigorod district, Kiev province, for drafting appeals for the RSDLP. Also, possessed an illegal booklet, “Protocols of the Unification Party Congress”, held in Stockholm in 1906”. 1907-1908.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1394: Case against tailor, Roytenberg IU, for distributing illegal leaflets to recruits in Radomysl, Kiev province. 1907

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1405: Case against Feinstein IM for the comilation & dissemination of leaflets, “Comrade Workers” & “Comrade Recruits” in Starokonstantinov Ostropol, Krasilov & Kulchin, Zhitomir district of Volyn province. 1907-1909

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1469: Case against a former student of the Kiev 4th Gymnasium, Rosenthal SD, residing in Kiev, for keeping brochures of LN Tolstoy’s “Soldier’s Memo” & other illegal literature. 1907-1908.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1509: Case against Palshau MV, Lidenbaum YM, et al. Lutsk prison inmates in a speech against the internal prison regulations, an attack on prison officials & guards, & a clash with soldiers sent to suppress the prisoners’ speech. 1907-1910.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1595: Case against a student in the 2-class urban Kremenetz schools, Volhynia. Feldman AZ for keeping literature of the petty bourgeois parties and the Socialist-Revolutionaries “anarchists” communists. 1907.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1637: Case against laborer, Ginsberg LM, residing in Volochysk, Starokonstantinovsky County, Volhynia, for keeping appeals of the Highland Caucasian group (??) of petty-bourgeois Socialist-Revolutionary Party. 1907-1910.

Inv. 1, vol. 2, Case 1685: Case against Shapiro GG, for distributing leaflets for the Jewish bourgeois-nationalist party, the “Bund”, in Mogilev. 1907-1908.

Inv. 3, Case 13: The verdict of the Kiev Court of Justice: to 20 years Aronov Orlikov, Elia Berk, Mendel Morduhov, Hamaevich, Shlelya Faykelev (Fayvelev), et al., Polesie/Polesia, for belonging to the RSDLP organization. 1915 from placers (??)

Inv. 5, Case 7, 11 sheets: The case for the recovery of Kiev court costs from the firm, “Vaintrob MA & Son” in favor of the courts. 8/9-8/11/1918