Sunday, October 12, 2014


“VILNA ARCHIVE: ACTS & DOCUMENTS…RELATING TO THE HISTORY OF 1812-1813” (Vol. 5): Some Jewish Names from Index (publish. 1912)

The names were found in the book's index, toward the back of the book. Most, but not all, of the names had the word "Jew" as an identifier. The numbers following the names are only some of the pages on which the individuals were found in the documents. The information is written in Russian.

Abelevich Zlota Meerovich
Abramov Marianna (?)
Abramovich Israel
Abramovich Itsek—inkeeper
Abramovich Shama
Adelson Taub—a correspondent
Ayzikovich Girsh
Ayzikovich Schimel
Aramovich Gideon—student, Pedagogical Institute (163)
Aronovich Iosel—French. Grocery (58)

Berezovich Shama (196-198)
Berkovich David
Berkovich Levy (245)

Velveliova Sora (195, 196)

Vulfovich Leyba— member Vilensky kahal
Vulf (p. 18)

Girshovich Itsek—manufacturer
Girsh—Konigsberg merchant/trader

Gut—Vilna, Pharmacist (290)

Davidov Dvora (190, 194, 196)
Davidovich Eliash—Kazimirov

Zetel Micah Fayvishev—tenant, Vilna

Itskovich Abraham (181)

Ioselevich Yankel (190)

Kliachko Samuil—Vilna merchant/trader

Land Shmuylo—Vilna merchant/trader (245)

Lappa Berek—Vilna trader
Levin Girsh Meerovich (190, 193)
Levin—Konigsberg merchant
Lev Itsek—merchant/trader. Vawkavysk/Vaukavysk kahal (190)
Leybovich Gertsig
Leybovich Leizer—Mirsk (presently S/W Poland—had been Germany prior to 1945)
Leybovich Markus—merchant/trader, member of Vilna kahal
Leybovich Nisel
Leybovich—Vilna merchant (245)
Lesovich David

Movshova Zelda—Vilna, merchant’s wife (245)
Movshovskaya Ester (191)
Movshovsky Velvel—member of Vawkavysk kahal (11, 190, 192)
Movsky Velvelev Herzl (191, 192)
Mordukhovich Leyba—Vilna merchant