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Worms, Jewish Community Collection

The publication is in German.

1. “1801-1802 Directory of Jewish Inhabitants in the City of Worms”(293 entries)
Image 17-19 ( pp. 102-104)
The directory includes residents’ names of those over 12 years of age, profession or standing, place of residence, children under 12 yrs., & a count on the number of servants in each household, (& whether male or female)

2.  “The Houses of the Jewish Quarter in the 18th Century” (1753-1760)
Image 27-28 (pp. 6-7)
This listing includes: Seller, Buyer, Superintendent, Synagogues ______, Year

3. Sketch of Lorsch (I. 23)

4. “Visitation”: Directory of Jewish property and map (I. 30-33)

A Partial List of owners  (there are 41 on the list):

Mencke Openheimers

Zum weisen Schwerdt:Wolff Cahn (Moyses Fuld, tenant  or part of the household—relative??)

Zum Welsin Bock: Hertz Landau , Michel Woll? Speyer, Seeligmann Landau, Joseph Carlehach

Zum goldnen Ring: Jacob Deiges (also Baruch Cahn, Schlomme Levi, Aaron Oppenheimer)
Loser &  Borich Beyde (?)

Zum HufEisen: Hayumh Nass & Low Nass

Zur weisen Taube: Moses Nathan Oppenheimers

Zum guldnen Alfen: Benjamin Levi Frenckel (tenant or part of household—Moses Durlach)

Zum weisen Affen: Anschel Oppenheimers & Jockel Lambsheim

Zum schwartzen Affen: Moses Fuld

Zur Tromm: Jacob & Moyses von Hannover (also lives in Hannover);  ( Low Cahn, single, tenant or part of household )

Zur guldnen Ganss: Seckel Levi, who lived in Breslau,   owned ½  of the property. Other owner Low Bambergs,  David Brill (occupant)-lives alone.

Zum weisen Schwahnen: Wolf Levi owned half of a property & Sekel Levi, the other half—live in Mannheim.

5. Map (I. 31)

6. “Formula of Jewish Aydts” (??)—
February 1620: 93 names of those who took an oath. (I. 34-35)

(I. 35) Other Lists from:
October 1633  (12 entries)
November 1637 (8 entries)

7. 1913 Gift Directory: to antiquity clubs ( I. 80)

8. Advertisements (I. 88)

Please check the publication for additional information.