Saturday, December 27, 2014


(Leo Baeck Institute Archives)

Name Files: Reels 1-74—Biographical data of about 25,000 individual refugees from Nazi Germany
Alphabetical Index: Reels 1a-5a
Categorical Index: Reels 1b-8b

Includes memos, notes, obituaries, articles, letters, *“International Biographical Archives and Dictionary of Central European Emigres, 1933-45” and its questionnaires with individuals’ responses, etc.

The questionnaires include:
  I. Personal Data & Family Background:
Self: Name, address, occupation, birthdate, religion, citizenship at birth

Spouse: Name, marriage date, spouse’s occupation, education, spouse’s emigration history, if deceased, place of death

Siblings: Names, birthplace, birth date, education, occupation, emigration history, country of present residence or place of death

Parents: Names (incl. mother’s maiden name), birth place, birth date, country of present residence or place of death, religion, education, occupation, emigration history, political orientation &/or community activities

 II. Education (and military  service)

III. Career in country of origin

 IV. Difficulties experienced as a result of the rise of Nazism in country of origin

  V. Emigration History

 VI. Post-1933 war-related experiences

VII. Accomplishments in country of origin &/or following emigration

*International Biographical Archives….. “… sent questionnaires to persons in various professions and public life who shared that emigration experience. Individuals of all religions, national, and political backgrounds, in all countries of resettlement…”