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Death Notices:
p. 2
T. 400/25
Berisch Member, son of Hersch, born 1879. Court (or probation officer or guardian) attny. Buxbaum of Przemysl. (Przemysl)

p. 3
T. 153/25/3
Blima Szarf, nee Eckert, wife of Aron Eckert Szarf. He became an army soldier in 1916 & was last heard from on the Italian front in 1918, as legally sworn by Markus Steninger in Schodnica, on April 25, 1925.  (Sambor)

Wills, Testaments:
AVII. 455/20/16
Golda Mensch..died Mar. 7, 1920; had two religious marriages to: Fleisser & to Weintraub, farmer from Pogorzeliska.
Her daughter, Nesi Korisch was to inherit, but there was another daughter, Chaja Mensch, nee Fliesser (who had religiously married a Mr. Mirecki). Her whereabouts were unknown. She had possibly moved to America.
Josef Fliesser, Chaja’s curator/trustee, was from Zamarstynow, Michala St. 11. He disputed the will on her behalf, achieving one year for her to come forward to accept her portion of the inheritance. (Rawa Ruska)

S. 21/25/2
The opening of an amicable settlement to estate or assets of (?”majatku”) Jacob Friedlander, a merchant in Stryj. Gailhofer, district judge settlement commissioner, Dr. Hoffner, attny. (Stryj)

S. 20/25/2
The opening of an amicable settlement of the assets of Lazar Goldberg from Stryj & his uncle in Vienna. Dr. Salamon Goldberg, lawyer in Stryj. (Stryj)

Sa 9/25/26
Berla Rechla, merchant, from Tarnopol

Lcz. Sa 5/25/9
Approval of an amicable settlement of the assets of Leizor Hochman, dealer of cotton goods in Kozowej. (Brzezany)

Lcz. Sa 4/25/18
Natan Wasser, dealer in manufactured goods from Kozowie. (Brzezany

Lcz. Vc. I. 712/25/2
Opening of an amicable sttlement to Szaja Dershowitz from Limanowa. (Limanowa)

Nc I. 713/25/2
Opening of an amicable settlement to  Abraham Berglas from Limanow. (Limanowa)

Sa 54/25/34
The Tarnow district court as a commercial entity approved the agreement reached between Samuel Haber & Mojzesz Haber, lumber merchants and owners of the Bracia Haber logging company in Nisku, and their creditors. (Tarnow)

Sa 51/25/46
Bernard Wurzl, merchant from Debicy. (Tarnow)

Sa 43/25/29
Rafael Hoffmann, merchant from Tarnow, Lwowska St. 51. (Tarnow)

Lcz. Nc. I. 718/25/2
Chaim Birnbaum, merchant from Limanow. (Limanow)

Sa 70/25/9
Izak Glaser & Marjem Gitla Glaserowa, hawkers from Tarnow (Tarnow)

Sa 48/25/13
Sische Bohrer, merchant & property owner in Tarnow (Tarnow)

Sa 93/25/26
Jonas Wurm, brushes manufacturer from Tarnow, Lwowska St. 17. (Tarnow)

Sa 97/25/3
Jakob Stern, buyer of hardware in Tarnow.
Eljasz Fluhr,  merchant from Tarnow. (Tarnow)

Sa 14/25/6
Markus Ferber, merchant from Tarnow (Tarnow)

Sa 121/25/4
Jakob Kohn, Tarnow merchant, Zydowskka St. 2.
Gerschon Chajkin, Tarnow merchant, hotel Goldinger (Tarnow)

Sa 110/25/4
Lazar Stern,  Tarnow underwear merchant, Walowa St. 34.
Leib Gerstner, Tarnow  merchant, Zydowska St. (Tarnow)

Sa 118/25/5
Dawid Leiba Wachspress, merchant from Pilznie/Pilsen.
Dawid Nord, buyer of goods & spices from Pilsen. (Tarnow)

Sa 125/25/3
Eugenjusza Schweinitz, merchant, & Marji Schweinitz, merchant’s wife, Krakowska St. 14. (Tarnow)