Monday, May 19, 2014


The purpose of a trade or mercantile school (a two-class business school) was to provide those embarking on professional sales or other related professions, with educational training in commercial courses, both specific and general. Instruction was in Polish.

For acceptance, students had to submit their birth or baptismal certificates, prior school records, and written parental  (or their representative’s) permission.

Upon graduation the students received certification regarding their behavior and grades while attending school. Those students who left during the school year (prior to graduation) received a certificate indicating only that they attended school but did not graduate.

There weren’t any certification of completion exams prior to graduation. The school’s director and teaching staff decided if the pupils had achieved their educational goals.

Overall Learning Plan:

Required Courses
Religion, Polish language, merchant accounts, geometry, learning a trade and promissory notes, correspondence, bookkeeping, office practicum, geography, natural history, physics, commodities, learning about the state system, stenography, calligraphy

Additional Mandatory Courses
Russian language (in Eastern Galicia), German language

Optional Courses
Russian language (in Western Galicia), typing, gymnastics, singing

A One-year Course For Girls At National Trade Schools

Overall Learning Plan:

Required Courses—
Wholesale billing, mercantile bookkeeping, correspondence and work exchange, trade and science of promissory notes, commercial geography, stenography, calligraphy, typing

Optional Courses
German language and correspondence
French language and correspondence


Underlined last names below appear on the JRI Poland Tarnow schools surnames list :

Preparatory Class--

Birn Samuel, Buchholz Szya
Feuer Ozyasz, Fisch Juda
Gallas Zygmunt, Grobtuch Jakob, Grunhut Samuel
Hauser Salomon
Kapelner Mojzesz  (may be mine), Klein Jozef
Mann Markus
Schachter Izrael
Wachsmann Markus, Weit Ruben

Complementary (?) Trade School

Burstin Wiktor
Chaim Salomon
Feig Izak
Kotlonski Adolf
Polek Jozef

Witek Eugeniusz