Sunday, August 2, 2015


Occupied Kiev:
#1 Bodies of those killed on Shevchenko Blvd. Those lying at the curb presumably Jews
#2, 3, 4 Babi Yar
#5 Murder Soviet prisoner of war. A white cross on the doorway of house in the background indicates no Jews

The Shooting of Jews:

First: Soldiers of Ukrainian auxiliary police shooting Jews in the village park  in Miropol Zhytomyr region

Second & Third: Ukrainian  Auxiliary Police preparing Jews for execution in Chernigov

Fourth: Jews shot during the riots in the prison yard in Lviv

Fifth: Execution of Jewish women & children in the village of Mizoch Rivne region

Sixth: Jewish residents of Siauliai before being sent to a firing squad near Kuzhyay station

Seventh: Execution of a Jewish family in Ivangorod Ukraine

Eighth: last Jew in Vinnitsa—a famous photo

“Photos of WWII” 

#1 “Related Jews, protected by Lithuanian subsidiary protection, 1941”

#2 Column of Jewish women & children under the escort of Lithuanian “self-defense”

#5 Slovak Jews being sent to Auschwitz

#6 The rabbis in Auschwitz concentration camp

#7 Jewish rabbis in the Warsaw ghetto

#9 Faye Schulman & Soviet partisans in the forest

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