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Announcements: Names

Aizer Cherqui---was unanimously voted in as president of the Association of Study, Aide & Assistance

Elie Gozlan---president of the Joint, retired from the position because of health issues.

Mr. & Mrs. Georges Loufrani, Lucien Loufrani

“La Pouponniere Israelite de Constantine”  (“Jewish Nursery of Constantine”)—created to help those mothers who had to work (after the war) by the Dames du Comite (Women’s Committee of the Jewish War Orphans). Some committee members:
Joseph Attali---director
Henri Lellouche---treasurer
Jules Gozlan---secretary

Grand Temple of Oran:
Albert Smadja---President du Consistoire, lit the traditional candle on the first night of Chanukah

Death of Nessim Seror----brother of Henri Seror and father of Minhas Seror

ELECTIONS TO THE CONSISTOIRE CENTRAL: List of candidates to the Consistoire Central as of January 1949—

         Departement D’Alger—
Belicha Maurice
Bouchara Leon, Alger
Brunschvig Leon—former student of the l’Ecole Normale Superieure
Cherqui Aizer
Heler Benjamin—engineer, Secretary General of the Algerian Zionist Federation
Machtou Maurice---Legion of Horor officier, former doctor
Soussy Maxime
Zerbib Elie-merchant from Algers
Weill Jean---attorney from Paris

         Departement D’Oran---
Amar Marcel—industrialist/manufacturer from Paris
Smadja Albert
Bensadoun Joseph, Mascara, Algeria
Benzaken Nessim—Tlemcen, Algeria
Roubache Rene—attorney, Mostaganem, Algeria

         Departement de Constantine---
Tenoudji Edmond
Gozlan Albert—Constantine, Algeria
Halimi Richard---Constantine, Algeria
Kahn Rene
Darmon Gaston
Naouri Raoul---Bone, Algeria (Annaba), merchant tailor
Zemmour Maklouf (aka Abraham)
Zitoun Isaac—Philippeville
Seror Henri--Tebessa

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