Sunday, May 19, 2013


A Polish language article, "Destruction of the Jews of Lviv" was authored by Dr. Philip Friedman, in "Publications of the Central Jewish Historical Commission of the Central Committee of Polish Jews No. 4". It was written in December, 1945 and can be found at: The Germans entered the city after the withdrawal of Russian troops on June 28-29, 1941. He describes the round ups, imprisonment, and murder of the Jews by the Nazis with major participation by the Ukrainians.

Many names were mentioned in the article:
Dr Isidore Elias Lana, an attorney, Dr. Jecheskiel Lewin, a rabbi and editor of a weekly publication, Henry Hescheles, an editor of a daily publication.
A Jewish Council was created; key members included: Dr. Joseph Parnas, Dr. Adolf Rotfeld, Dr. Henry Landesberg, Dr. Oswald Kimelman, Dr. Edmund Scherzer, Dr. Simon Ulam, et al.
A delegation of rabbis included:Israel Leib Wolfberg, Moses Elchanana Altera, Dr. Kalman Chameides.
The chief physician of the Jewish hospital was Dr. Maximilian Kurzrock.

Dr. Friedman has provided a list of some of those who were murdered in Lviv--representative of the arts and sciences. A few of those mentioned include:
Herman Sternbach ("germanist"), Dr. William Barbasz and Vladimir Jampolski,  Dr. Israel Ostersetzer, Dr. Jakob Witler, Abraham Roth, et al.

Lawyers: Leib Landau, Henry Landesberg, et al

Doctors and professors of medicine: Adolf Beck, Dr. Allerhand (dentist), Dr. Ruff (surgeon), et al.

Jewish and Hebrew Writers: David Konigsberg, Sana'a Friedman, Daniel Ihr, et al

Writers and literary critics: Maurice Szmel, Halina Gorska, et al

Publicists and journalists: Szulim Rettich, Naftali Hausner, Abraham Bratt, et al

Arts and theater studies: Jakob Mund, Leon Zak, Mark Bauer, Israel Leib Wolfsberg, et al

Please check the publication for additional names and other information.