Sunday, May 19, 2013


There is a summary available of a book, "Jevreji Jugoslavije 1941-1945. Zrtve Genocida I Ucesnici Narodnosloodilckog Rata" at: The summary is in English.

The book includes the history of Jews in Yugoslavia, beginning with the first appearance of Spanish Jews  in the 16th Century. It also makes reference to a few of the Jewish revolutionaries who were students at the Universities of Belgrade and Zagreb, during the post-WWI era:
Zlata Miler, Isak Alfandari, David Naftali, Lujo Vajs, maks Svarc, Miroslav Dajc, Milivoj Hirsl, et al.

A number of Jewish revolutionaries eventually joined the Yugoslav Communist Party:
Mosa Pijade, David S. Demajo, Vojka Demajo, Olga Alkalaj, Avram Anaf, Lola Vol, Gere and Karolj Levi, Julius Eker, et al.

During WWII German genocide against the Jewish population began mid-September, 1941. People were rounded up and sent to concentration camps; their property plundered and confiscated. Jews and Communists eventually became a part of an uprise movement in order to resist and to sabotage. Some of the Jewish organizers were:
Rafael Batino, Dora Frajdenfeld, Mosa Levi, et al.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina some of the names of the resistence include:
Nisim Albahari, Oskar Danon, Pavle Goranin, Albert Trinki, Salom Albahari, Frida Laufer, Binka Romano, et al.

The Zagreb group included:
Pavle Pap, Josip-Papo Polak, Adolf Stajnberger, Jaksa Singer, Reginald Vajs, David Gaon, Leo Mates, Hugo Kon, et al.

Some members of the Backa resistance group were:
Tibor Gotesman, Konstantin Lakenbah, Milan Korn, oto Blam, Denes Levi, Lajos Sintes, et al.

Others names mentioned, include: Isidor Baruh, Robert Domani, Ilija Engl, et al.

Please read the book's summary or the book itself for additional information and names of individuals.