Sunday, May 12, 2013


According to the information on this Russian language site, the first Jewish Cemetery was on Mt. Rudolf; the earliest surviving burial is from 1866. In 1928 an earthquake caused severe damage to many of the headstones.

The article mentions several names of residents/business people from Sevastopol., as well as  some of their personal information, who were buried here. Some of the names are:

GALPERIN, Ilya Izrailevich (merchant),
GRINBERGA brothers, Srul Moisevich (b. 1853) and Israel Moisevich, (b. 1855)
GOLDBERGS: brothers--Shai and Yankel Bercovici (merchants), Yussufov Yakov I., and Reuven.—5 buried with this surname
ZUSMAN, ___ P. and Isaac Leib Fayvelovich
LEVI,  Rose Iotovnu  (on the headstone is: Levi Shem Rosa Antonovna) (d. 1929)
EK Gregory Yakovlevich—wife, Sophia Borisovna (b. 1876)—he was a furrier
ZANIS Gregory Rubimovich (d. 1942, age 50)—his father died in 1930 (age 50)
VANSHTEIN, Rebekah Elevna (b. 1887), Ilya Zelmanovich  (her son-b. 1910)
KUSHLIN Nosan Shlemovich
RASKIN/RUSKIN Saul L. (d. 1941) and Israel L. (d. 1944 –they were brothers), Lev Izrailevich (--father, d. 1964—age 79)
SHOLOM Maria Markovna (d. 1942), Beniamin Isaacovich (shot by Nazis, age 80)—2 others buried with the same last name
SULTAN Yusufov (d. 1941)
ZOLOTAR Esther Samuilovna (d. 1942)—husband died in 1921
POLONSKY Abraham Vulfovich (d. 1945, age 58)
SLUTSKY Naum/Nahum Isaakovich and Anna Leontievna (his wife)
SPIVAK/SPEVAK (shop owner)—three graves with this surname
PURA Abraham Isaakovich (d. 1937-age 45---he reported his DOB as 1891)
PANTOFEL Moses Borisovich (d. 1950---b. 1878 or 1879)

(Other names within the article: ABRAMOV, FELDMAN, HERSHKOWITZ)

The names listed were based on information from a publication, “Sevastopol Jewish Necropolis; Historical Monuments of Crimea”, Simferopol, 2004, # 8, p. 161-164 (Krestyannikov VV, Tereshchuk, NM)