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Children were evacuated from Leningrad during the Nazi blockade of the city. The blockade began in June, 1941 and ended by April, 1943. According to a Russian language article, evacuation to the Molotov area (presently, the Perm region), Chernushka began during Summer, 1941. The children arrived by train, after first being transported by ship; they were often ill on arrival. They were placed in villages and settlements within the locale. According to the information from the site,, 78 children's orphanages and 50 kindergartens accepted about 10,000 young children. A map showing the location within the Perm area of the boarding schools is available on the website. (It was first published in the "Star", a regional newspaper, in 1995).

A few Jewish names, dates, and locations follow: (

“Information on the N.-Kozmyashinskomu Boarding School” (August 10, 1943)

Rada Levenson, Leonid Ulanov, Mira Shvets

“Employees List of Kozmyashinskogo Boarding School”:

Belilovsky, Clara Samuilovna- (b. 1915)cleaning woman

Belilovsky, Bertha Lazarevna (b. 1905) night nurse

Piling/Spuntova, Maria Timofeevna (b. 1904), accountant

“Employees List of Kozmyashinskogo Boarding School” (December 19, 1943)—the following are listed as Jewish:

#3. Onikul, Raisa Maksimovna (1900), teacher, (address: Kryukov Canal ,  d. 19 KV3)

#6. Belilovsky, Bayla/Bejia Lazarevna (8/5/1905), education: lower, night nurse, 2 children—weaver prior to evacuation

#9. Belilovsky, Clara Samuilovna (6/13/1915), education: “Highways Technician, 2 course”, occupation: “uborsch” ???, —billing clerk prior to evacuation

#10. Piling/Spuntova Maria Timofeevna (12/28/1904) education: Inst. Them. Engels Planning and Economy Dept., Accountant

“List of Employees Kozmyashinskogo N-Boarding School”

Lozotskaya, Rebecca Isakovna-educator

Ulanova Olga Timofeevna-educator

Levinson, Rodya Gersalovich-educator

Shvets, Anna Moiseevna-accountant/billing clerk

“List of Evacuated Children. B.-Kozmyash, Kozmyashinsky s/s, Evacuated from Leningrad, October District, d/s #12”—(Listed as Jews)

Cohen/Kogan, Rita Borisovna (4/14/1930), address: Krasnaya 20-8

Cohen/Kogan Markin Borisovgna (5/10/1937) , address: Krasnaya 20-8

“List of Children Evacuated from Moscow. Bald Mountain (Lysaya Gora/Lysa Hora), Kozmyashinsky s/s” [evacuated from Moscow]

Gvirts Sofia Yakovlev-1931

"Children Evacuated from Leningrad/s #43, Atryashka Kozmyashinsky s/s” (Listed as Jewish)

11. Wilner Frida Isaac.-1936

15. Goltz Vadim Adolf.-1933

21. Zelikson Victor Matvey-1937

35. Polonskaya Lydia Markovna-1936

37. Selektor Ilya Samuilovich-1937

55. Eisner Boris Nikolaevich-1937**(left Hospital for Infectious Diseases
                                                              Yaroslavl Region)