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(from State Archives of Kostroma Region)
"Kostroma Multinational Document" 
NV Badin

This is  a study based on information from archival collections and published sources.
p. 25-27

Poles who came from Vilna province to Kostroma (1916-1918):

Abram Aronovich Moselle (Mazel)---Engineer, graduate of Petrograd Polytechnic Institute.

Abram Lazarevich Khazanovich—Chemist, graduate of Zurich University

p. 29 

Kostroma labor squads, formed in December 1920 from among Poles to make up the proincial forced labor camp:
Kh. Bryumshteyn
A. Neroy
A. Rafalovich

pp. 46-49

From Austria (?):
Goldsmiths: Abraham Stein, Lebl Golberg, Abraham Goikhman (Gehmanom). In 1807 requested permanent residency in Minsk province & were granted a temporary residence in Kostroma.

Other names:
  Esel Mendelevich Mendelon—Watchmaker,  from  Vitebsk Province

Kostroma Doctors:
Joseph S. Golblat --Head of Soligalichskoy district hospital
Sam Landau—Head of Chuhlomskoy district hospital 
Samsov Lev Davidovich--honorary citizen of city of Nikolaev
Shmuel Avraamovich Katzman—Country doctor in Chuhlomskoy county
GN Malakhov—Factory doctor

In the late 1860’s right of residence outside of the Pale of Settlement was granted to Jews who left military service. Some of them were:
Burstein Yankel Shmuylov—in 1883
Vestitsky Baruch—1874
Wilhelm Movsha—1868
Ginsburg Abram—1868
Ginsburg Zelma Movsha—1871
Granadero Itsko Morduch—1870
Zgubsky leyba Berkovich—1882
Leucyl Yankel Movshev—1888 (baptized in 1903)
Lascaux Morduch Zelman—1883
Mast Itsko Shmuylov—1884
Mogindovich Reuben Movsha—1883
Morkovich Shapsya Gabriola—1882
Rozenson Eliakim Movshe—1868
Tarasishek Sender Abramov—1887
Freytsikh Yankel Feyvov—1869
Shtabinsky Yankel Burke—1882
Elzutsky David Rubin—1881

Makarevskaya (?)
Tolpeev Girshka Girshkovich—1870

Abramov Lieb—1871
Abramaytis Wolfe Leibov—1872

Leiba Itskov Dombek—2nd Guild merchant--gold, silver, diamond & optical items, apothecary shop. Also photo devices, perfume, surgical instruments, dressing materials, mineral water, etc. In 1860, family settled in Puchezh, Kostroma. 
Board of Economics: LS Zack/Zak, AM Granadero, Shtabinsky, MI Urfis, II Kantorovich
Vinogradov Sergei Abramovich--merchant

p. 49-52

Azersky Zalman Berkowitz—arrived in Kostroma in 1840, opened a watch shop; 1863 a craft shop; 1899 received a temporary guild certificate.

Azersky Shaya Zalmanov—youngest son---a convenience store for gold, silver, diamond, & optical items.

Azersky Aaron—eldest son, engraver & lithographer. His workshop created posters, brochures, check books & forms.

Markovich Shmuel-Hirsch

Musin Movsh Efilev---Watchmaker, arrived in Kostroma in 1866. Opened his own shop in 1894. Son, Azriel took over the management of the shop in 1900.

Raabot Yakov Moiseyev—arrived in Kostroma in 1866—Owner of one of the largest hat & corset shops.. Joined merchants’ 2nd guild in 1896.

Zak/Zack LS—Owned many commercial establishments in Kostroma including stationery, chandlery, building materials, furnace accessories.

Dombek Leyba Itskov---Merchant 2nd guild. Shops included gold, silver, diamonds, optical items, drug store. Family settled in Puchezh, Kostroma in 1860.

Dombek Itska Tsalka Dombek—father of Leyba—worked in the Dept. of the Ministry of Railways.

Dombek Yankel Itskov-younger brother of Leyba. Worked as an agent in a local shipping company.

Dombek Khail Tsalkov was Leyba's uncle. (p. 52)

Kineshma—Second largest area that Jews lived in:

Rabkin Yankel Girshovich—lived in Kineshma 1870. Bobruisk tradesman
Frezinsky Rakhilya Yankelevich-2nd Guild merchant--certificate issued in 1894
Libson Litman Shaevich—Vitebsk tradesman. Watch shop
Mussina Raphael Movshovich—Druya tradesman. Watch shop
Garfunkel ZT—Vitesbsk tradesman. Watch shop.
Goldfein Meyer Morduhovich—Dvink tradesman. Photo shop. In Kineshma from1867. Permission given to open a workshop in 1883. Recorded as a photographer & sign painter.

Wood processing businesses—Kostroma:

Sawmills: Gudowski Aaron Samuilovich—Starodubsky merchant.
Ivanov Nikolai Alexandrovich—Perejaslav merchant, Shushkodom Buysky County. Levin-Bor sawmill—Starovo Anufrievsk, Kologrivsky County. Talitsky sawmill, Veksinsky parish, Buysky County.

Steam Sawmills: Riskind Abram Itskov. Vorobyevo Muravischensk parish, Chuhlomsk County.  Gernfeld SZ—near the village Vaskovka Bushnevsk parish, Chuhlomsk County.