Sunday, April 19, 2015

1941-1945 FEATS OF THE PEOPLE IN THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR (WWII)--Military Awards & Documents


Military archival documents are available from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the form of an electronic data bank. Although the site is in Russian you can use an online automatic translator, such as Google offers.

I. You can find people by name using the Russian site's available search box. You will need to enter the name in Russian Cyrillic. Use Google translate to convert your desired name to Cyrillic. Please note that not all names convert. 

II. Copy & paste the Cyrillic name into the search box on the Russian site:

Note: your resulting pages will be in Russian unless you have used an automatic translator.
If you don’t have an automatic translator installed on your computer then:

  Highlight, copy, & paste segments of Cyrillic information into Google’s translate box (see above) but be sure that the box on the left is labeled “Russian” and the box on the right is labeled in your desired language.

III. Click “search” –which will bring you to listings of people with the desired last name (and also their awards).

IV. If you click on the name, additional information about the person becomes available:

V. Click on the blue words for additional information linked to the page.