Sunday, August 11, 2013


The following is a short list of surnames of Jewish victims, executed by the Nazis during WWII in the Gadyach/Hadyach district, Poltava Ukraine. The information is based on "The Book of Sorrow in the Ukraine: Victims of War and Occupation" (Vol. 1), which no longer appears to be available online at this address: (

The numbers in parentheses represents the number of people with the same surnames. In the original publication some places of origin (or residence?) are included. For any additional information about the individuals appearing on this list only, please use the "comments" at the bottom of this blog post's page.

p. 113
Abrashkin (2), Axelrod (3)

p. 114-116
Batkina, Belianska (2), Byhunsky, Bychuhseyah, Blyumenkrants (4), Bobovich, Bolotynska/Bolotynsky (4), Braverman (2), Brooke

p. 116
Cooper (2)

p. 117
Varshavska/Warsaw 92), Vetsner, Vinogradska/Vynogradskaja/Vinogradsky (4)

p. 118-120
Hanzburh/Hanzburh/Ganzburg (10), Hankin (3)

p. 119-p. 120
Gorbach (3), Gurevich

p. 122
Draschynska (3)

p. 123
Zaydman (2), Zeyfman, Zelmanov, Zlobinsky

Kaminska, Carlin (2), Klimovitsky (7), Kozlovicher (2), Kompaniets, Kopylovych, Kostyukovsky (4), Krychevska, Kruchenetska

p. 128-129

Levin (4), Levitin (2), Lieberman