Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is a wonderful video of the Chigotay Cemetery. Many of the headstones have images of the interned, in typical Russian fashion. The video was photographed in May, 2012 and published on Youtube in June, 2012 by Kaykov TV. Most of the headstone images are clear and easily read, while, at the same time, the slow deterioration is evident.

To read the names (and other headstone information) freeze the desired video frame, use "Google Translate" at translate.google.com.
Select, "from: Russian" > To: "_____"(desired language).
At the bottom of the frame it says "Py"> click on it and select the keyboard icon.
Select/Type the letters (by clicking on them), as seen on the headstone. They will appear in the translation frame on the left.
Click "translate" and, voila!---there's the translated information in the box on the right!


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