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Kniga Grodskaya Kievskaya 1765, # 76, d. 73

(Total Jewish residents—378)
p. 22
Register acknowledged by:
Ioino Duvidowicz, local policeman Kahal Kaniow
Ios Michalewicz, cantor, Kahal Kaniow

p. 14
Kaniow City
Gdol Szymhakowicz,, innkeeper. With Menia Mendelowiczowa, had a daughter Gytla,  age 6

Moszko. minister of the same (rabbi??). Unmarried. Tavern

Michel. Second minister (rabbi?) of the same. Unmarried. Horses.

Szloma, minister. Unmarried. Farm

Mendel, innkeeper in Austria, with his wife, Myncia and son, Benjamin, 14 y/o.  Married in November, this year. Also, a son, Abramko, 7 y/o, & a daughter, age 5, Gytla

Mozko, city innkeeper, with his wife Lega, had a son who married Myrle Moszkowiczowna, in November of this year

Nysym, tailor, with wife, Michla, no children, married a long time

Herszko, city innkeeper. Freyda, his wife, & son Gdolem

Moszko, wood tar, & his wife, Milka, & daughter Lora, age 9

Benjamin, innkeeper, his wife Chynka, & 11 y/o son, Zaywe

p. 15
Tychze, married. son Faybisz, wife Chayka, childless. Married a long time

Jos, innkeeper, & his wife Freyda, married in November

Jeona (Jonah), teacher, with his wife, Chana & unmarried daughter.

Judka  Gruby, innkeeper, a widower, & his son Majorem, who has a wife, Lelde, childless, married a long time

Chaim, a tailor, and his wife Sulka, no children. Married a long time.

Szulim, goldsmith, & wife Bzura, childless, long marriage

Hyndia, widow; son Rybka age 8

Berczcha, widower,  baliff, wife Leja , son age 7, Icek (?)

Zeylik, a butcher, with his wife, Chana & son Abram. In 1765 married Basia Josiowa

Yankel, son in law of Zeylik, wife Hetia & son Jowel

Zeylik, barber, wife Chaia, childless, long  marriage

Nochym, inspector; wife Rywka, childless, long marriage

Szaia, peddler,; wife Golda, childless, long marriage

Maiorko, coppersmith; wife, Chania, childless, long marriage

Abramko Beyszynowicz, wife Feyga & son Aron

Moszko, winemaker; wife Chania; childless, long marriage

Chaim, a butcher; wife Myrla, childless, long marriage

Henia, widowed; childless

Abramko, winemaker; wife, Beyzia & young son Mendel

Abramko Judkowicz; wife, Estera, childless, long marriage

Mendel, winemaker & his wife Sora, & son-in-law Leybka, recently married to Feyga their daughter. Married in November 1764

Jcko, tailor, & wife, Estera, childless

Fayfisz, tailor, & wife, Freyda, & son Szmuyla

Beume, inspector, & wife, childless

In the same place, Zeylik, son-in-law, his wife Chaika, married once, no children

Abram, medical charlatan/quack; his wife, Chana, childless

In the same place, Mortcho, son-in-law, with his wife, Myrla, recently married in November

p. 46  47
Census of the Jews of Borodino, January 1, 1765

         Town of Borodzianka

Ewszeja, rabbi: Hinda, wife; Josyp, Herszko, Feyga, children

Chaim Schariowicz: Chana, wife; Cierna, daughter

Faybisz: Rochla, wife; Ila, syn; Feyga, mother Ruchli

Boruch Ewszejowicz; Etia, wife; Jeta, Michla, children

Szymon, Borucha’s son; Gitia, wife

Awram, tailor: Itka, wife; Michel, son

Judka Josiowicz; Hinda, wife; Wolko, son; Froma, Wolko’s wife

Chaim Abramowicz: Chana, “zona w komornym” (komornym is obsolete term---tenant ?? zona is wife)

Aron, student; Jeta, wife

Leyba Szmuylowicz;  Morduch Leybowicz: Witia, wife; Leyzor. Szmuylo. Hersz. Sons Morduch

Boruch Szmuylo, son Boruch

Srol Beniowicz: Basia, wife: Zuszman. Herszko.  Children.  Mowsza, son-in-law

Wolko Jankielewicz; Chowola, wife; Herszko, son; Hodia. wife; Chayka. Leyba. Malka wife. Chana,  Step-children

Leyba Nysonowicz: Czernia, wife; Beyla, daughter; Szloma, son-in-law; Maryasia, wife

Chaimicha, widow; Szewel, Szloma, Maryasia, Basia, children

Czerla, widow; Szmuylo, son; Dwewra, daughter

Leyba Abramowicz: Hindia, zona; Awramko, son,; Etia, wife Elo, Freyda. Children of Leyby

Ronia, widow; Awram, Nyson, Edtia, children

Leyba, student; Sora, wife; Wolko, servant

Szloma Abramowicz; Chawa, wife; Abram, Leyzor, Ewszy, sons

Mowsza Abramowicz: Rosia, wife. Zelman: Rywka, wife. Berko: Rochla, wife. Bleier, son. Srol. Dwewra, Mowszy’s grandchildren with  Pilpowicz; Leyzor, “winnik dworski” (??)

Michel, barber; Dwewra, wife; Sora,  daughter of Estia. tenant

In addition, see the following pages for more information and names. You can copy, paste the words into Google translate, if necessary. The original language is Polish. The numbers represent the number of Jewish family members with a total number of people in a town at the end of a section.

pp. 16-21

pp. 26-27

pp. 29-45

pp. 48-53

Letichevsky: Census of Jews in Letichevsky February 27, 1765-Are these their first names and patronyms (no last names yet??)

p. 718-722
Izaak, rabbi
Judka, local  policeman
Jos, student
Herszko, comptroller
Szmuylo Abramowicz, rabbi
Idzko Mortkowicz, local policeman
Nowach Michalowicz, rabbi
Herszko Berkowicz, police.
Srul, student
Leyba Herszkowicz, rabbi,
Abramko Hasykielowicz, police
Chaim Abramowicz, student
Srol Jermowicz, student
Gerszon Idzkowicza, Zinkowskiego rabbi
Aron Fislewicz
Jankiel Judkowicz
Elo Taybinowicz, student
Leyba Gerszanowicz
Abramko Srolowicz, police
Mendel Idzkowicz, student
Major Herszkowicz, rabbi
Sapsay Zeylikowicz, police
Berko Heszkowicz, student
Idzko Josiowicz
Moszko Leybowicz, student
Jakim Oszyiowicz, student
Leyba Chaimowicz, local rabbi, sick
Leyba Oronowicz, student
Sloma Abramowicz & Leyba Herszkowicz, hosts & citizens, here
Leyba Mortkowicz
Dawid Ankielowicz, at the location of the ailing rabbi
Nautula Szymanowicz, local police
Cudyk Idzkowicz, student
Szymon Sangwicz, from Uladowki
Moszko Idzkowicz
Herszko Nuchimowicz
Abramko Szlomowicz, student, also comptroller
Jankiel Szlomowicz, rabbi
Moszko Bieniowicz, police
Beń Michalewicz, student
Nuchim Zorochewicz, local rabbi, ailing
Jozef Josiowicz, police
Jankiel Szymanowich, student
Gabryel Lubenski, from Baru
Moszko Herszkowicz, rabbi
Michel Hersykowicz, police
Szloma Jankielewicz, student
Herszko Szlomowicz, local rabbi ailing
Oszyja Josiowicz, police
Mortko Judkowicz, student
Mikolaj Lewicki, comptroller from Ulanow
Moszko Jozefowicz
Idzko Jankielowicz
Szloma Szolowicz, student
Dawidko Szuiimowicz
Szymon Juchimowicz
Abramko Leybowicz, student
Leyba Herszowicz
Jos Beniowicz, police
Idzko Penkasowicz
Idzko Abramowicz
Jankiel Leyzerowicz
Srol Wolfowicz