Monday, February 29, 2016

1941-1944 SIEGE OF LENINGRAD: The Missing and Killed

Memorial Book, “1941-1944 Blockade”

“ The Siege of Leningrad, also known as the Leningrad Blockade, was a prolonged military operation undertaken by the German Army against Leningrad (historically and currently known as St. Petersburg). The siege started on 8 September 1941, when the last road to the city was severed….” (  )

On this Russian language site you can do a search for those who may have been missing or killed during the siege of Leningrad. 

To do so, first it is necessary to convert the desired name(s) to Russian Cyrillic. (not every name is convertible)---you can use a translator such as Google Translate to do so.

Next enter the Cyrillic version of the name into the search box. ( I have translated the page from Russian to English on Google Chrome) & click “search”.