Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LITZMANNSTADT-GHETTO, LODZ POLAND: "Holocaust Survivors & Victims Database"

LITZMANNSTADT-GHETTO, POLAND: “Holocaust Survivors & Victims Database”: “What’s New” at (Aug. 2017-Jan. 2018)


Four pages of indexes to lists of names covering the following.
Click on “View All Names in This List” or “Search Names Within this List”, at the top of each selected topic page. 
A request for digitized copies of original documents by using a “Document Request Form” can be made.

1.    Transport to Lodz Ghetto from Berlin
2.    Polish Jews in Auschwitz from the book, “Polish Jews in KL Auschwitz: Name Lists”(this is a partial  list)
3.    Registration & Work Cards for Jews from Lviv Ghetto
4.    Lists from specific Lodz house registration books
5.    List of Students qualified to receive clothing, earmuffs, shoes, etc. (Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Lodz)
6.    School Lists of children’s names from various Schools (Litz. Ghetto, Lodz), including lunch, kitchen (those who received food), & class cards
7.    Teachers’ surveys of students’ living conditions: names
8.    List of students to be sent to : Sierocinca (orphanage), Marysin (youth camps w/i ghetto), Szpitala (hospital)
9.    List of children whose parents receive Social Welfare

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