Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cemeteries: Belarus & Ukraine & Others (Czech, Polish, Egyptian) following are new additions to the Mitzvat Emet catalog of cemeteries in Belarus & Ukraine, sent to me by Benjamin B.---thank you Benjamin! They include photos of headstones, names of those buried with their birth/death dates, as available.

Our new cemeteries are: 
1. New jewish cemetery of Yelsk, Belarus Republic (172 burials);
2. Old cemetery of Yelsk, Belarus Republic (55 burials) 
3. Jewish cemetery of Zhlobin, Belarus Republic (525 burials)
4. Jewish cemetery of Zdolbunov, Ukraine (56 burials)
5. Jewish cemetery in Murafa, Ukraine (782 burials)
6. Jewish cemetery in Novograd Volynskiy, Ukraine (1850 burials)

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