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Registers of the Jewish Communities: Births, Marriages, & Deaths

The total number of books, at this point in time, is 3273, many of which are in poor physical condition. The registers include books of births, marriages and deaths, as well as some minor personal indexes.

Births: “…contain all the details of a born child - names, dates and places of birth and circumcision or name, sex, status, parents 'names, place of residence, house number, parents' place of residence (occasionally also father's parents) ), as well as information about employment and place of residence of kumas or witnesses, circumcised, midwife and attention.
A significant number of "illegitimate" children registered in the books draws attention. The child was considered illegitimate and as such entered into the books when his parents entered into the only traditional rabbinic marriage and did not register this relationship in the proper office. At that time, the father's section remained unfilled.”

Marriages: “… place of birth, employment, place of residence, house number, age and state of the betrothed as well as names, employment and place of residence of their parents, date and place of the wedding, place of residence of the rabbi assisting in the wedding, and place of residence of the witnesses along with information about their employment and comments.”

Deaths: “…detailed information was given on the deceased (name, surname, sex, age, employment, place of residence, information about parents and spouses), date and place of death and funeral, inspection card number confirmed by authority and surname of the corpse , annotation about the disease and type of death and attention.”

“…there are also various types of notes in the books that are usually official certificates concerning a person whose birth, marriage or death record is on file. Information about the subsequent official marriages of parents and the recognition of their child as being from a legal relationship are particularly frequent.”      
The registers are microfilmed & organized alphabetically by community & chronologically within a particular series of entries. Birth registers less than 100 years & marriages & deaths less than 80 years old are not available for viewing online, although they are listed.

Depending on the register, they are written in German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Latin, or Yiddish. Use  a translator, as needed.

Scroll down the page & go to the listings. To view pages,  click “gallery with scans” (galleria ze skanami). Ex.

Some books have indexes at the beginning of the registers.

Still, others are entire books devoted to indexes:

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