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1926 Poland (Krakow and Lviv): List of Teachers of Higher Education (cont. #3)

The following information is based on data from the "List of Teachers of Higher Education (secondary, vocational and seminary), R 2", compiled and edited by Zygmunt Zagorski (Polish Society of Secondary Schools and Universities, published 1926):

What follows is a list of professors/teachers (who were or who may have been Jewish) on the faculty at some of the universities in Poland in 1926:


Jagiellonian University--

Professors: Dr. Stanislaw Golab (Civil Law), Rafal Taubenschlag (Roman Law)
Assoc. Professor: Artur Benis (Descriptive Economics)

Medical Dept.--

Professors: Leon Wacholz (Forensic Medicine), Bronislaw Kader (Surgery), Aleksandr Rosner Obstetrics (midwifery) & Gynecology

Assoc. Professors: Aleksandr Baurowicz (Ear, Nose, & Throat)

Docents: Josef Szymanowicz (Obstetrics (midwifery) & Gynecology

Philosophy Dept.--

Professors, honored and emeritus (retired): Josef Kallenbach (History of Polish Literature), Leon Sternbach (Classical Philology), Wladyslaw Natanson (Theoretical Physics)

Docents with the title of Assoc. Professor: Feliks Kopera (Cultural History of Poland and Eastern Europe, Alfred Rosenblatt (Mathematics)

Docents: Henryk Raabe (Zoology), Jozef Reiss (History and Theory of Music), Henryk Gaertner (Old Polish Literature), Henryk Eisenberg (History of Philosophy, Ethics, and Aesthetics)

Lecturers: Henryk Bernard (French)


University of Jana Kazimierza (John Casmir)--

Faculty of Law and Political Skills--

Professors: Leon Pininski (Roman and Criminal Law), Juljusz makarewicz (Law and Criminal Process)

Docents with title of Assoc. Professor: Maurycy Allerhand (austrian Civil Procedure Law)

Docent: Emil Stanislaw Rappaport (Criminal Law)

Medical Faculty--

Honorary Professor: Emanuel Machek (Ophthalmology)

Professors: Wladyslaw Szymonowicz (History of Embryology), **Jakob Karol Parnas (Medical Chemistry)

Docents: Wiktor Feliks Reis (Ophthalmology), Jakob Rothfeld (Neurology)

Faculty of the Arts (Humanities)--

Docent with the title Assoc. Professor: Moizisz Schorr (Semitic Languages and History of Ancient East-Semitic)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences--

Assoc. Professors: Zygmunt Weyberg (Mineralogy), Stanislaw Loria (Physics)

Faculty of Medicine--
Rafal Szuszkiewicz (lecturer, gymnastics teacher)

**Jakub Parnas was also known as Yakov Oskarovich Parnas---additional information about him can be found on Wikipedia,


A terrific interactive map, “House Finder:Rohatyn Town Cadastral Map 1846” can be viewed at :  According to Marla Raucher Osborn, it was created by the Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group. Rohatyn was formerly part of Galicia but is presently in the Ukraine. 

You can click on any building or house number found in the left column—the map will direct you to its location.


Hi All,
Here's a list from the 1916 Memorial Book of the Mogilev Province (author: I. I. Marchenko). The names, abbreviations, and spellings are as found in the publication. I have left a blank,________, or a (?) when I couldn't read or was unsure of some of the information. These are the names of individuals who were or may have been Jewish and who were members of the boards, associations, organizations, etc. listed below:

Provincial Prison Board of Trustees:
Haim Leib Landau

Total______________ Exchequer:
Khatskel Naymark, Lev Moise Shmerling/Shmarling, Girsha/Hirsch Movsha Ratner, Dovid Meir Hirsh, Izr. Iofe  Shevel

D. Ginzburga, Grig. Nikol Gerstfeld

Provincial Office on Factory and Mining Industrial Affairs:
Bor. Meyer Zhislin

Alexandriyska (Alexandria?) Community, Russian Red Cross Society:
Outpatient Clinic: Dentist (?) Yak. Boris. Litvin


The City Duma:
Lev Moise Shmerling,  Borukh Ytsk. Ebin

Seven-Class School of Commerce:
Lavar’ Solom. Kagan

Lav. Solom. Kagan, Mois. Isaak Blavshteyn, Leyba/Leib Isaak Shik, Leyba Yeoyel/Eoel Kagan, Nakhm. Leyb. Zakgeym

The Jewish Vocational School:
Girsh Woolf Kagan (technical engineer)
Teachers: Moise Idel Ratner, Lev David Barzeyl, Arov-Moise Fayb. Khavkia/Havkia, Zalm.-Yevel Fayb. Khavkin/Havkin, N. Il Rubnich, ___Fish, Shmuyl.-Izroil Nayshtag, Serg. Osip. Dovgyallo, Izr. Peysakh Fefer.

Society for the Spread of Secondary Education, Mogilev:
Ephraim Gisen, Lev Mozhs. Shmerling (treasurer), Izr. Iofe Shev__ (secretary), Eug. Ios. Bychkov, Laz. Saul/Solom. Kagan, Isaak Bor. Kaletsmy, Vulf Khazhm/Hazhm. Gatovshy

About the Welfare of Needy Female Students from the S.L. Zalsskoy Gymnasium:
Yelena Geori. Shleysner, Bor. Mikh. Zhislin, Isaak Grig. Shulman

The Island (?) Board of Benefits for the Poor Jews of Mogilev:
Lev Moise Shmerling, Laye. Ilich ZMerkin, L. Silberman (treasurer), Dove Hatsk/Khatsk Pvvzner (secretary), Abr. Yak. Landau
“members: provisions” Mend. Yelyev/Elev Variant, Ilya Yefim Vidorovich, Ayvik Yudel Ginzburg, Rav Solom. Yak. Kagan,  Zakhar/Zaharsh Sholom Kagan, Z-lm/W-lm Gzhlel Rivlin Feld, Ruvin Zalm. Plutes, Schmier/Shmer. Hatsk./Khatsk. Morgalin

The Committee of the Jewish Colonial Society:
Doctor Laz. Solom. Kagan, B. Sadovaya Ratayera/Rataera, Sh. Z. Lurye/Lurie, S. Kagan, KH-N. L. Zakgeym

(more to come in another post)

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Marla Raucher Osborn has posted about a new site,  “Gedenkstattenportal zu orten der Erinnerung in Europa” (Information Portal to European Sites of Remembrance) --
 There is a language button available for English and German on the top of the page.

An alphabetical index can be found at:

The  portal is part “…of the permanent exhibition at the Information Centre of the memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.”


The following information is based on data from the "List of Teachers of Higher Education (secondary, vocational and seminary), R 2", compiled and edited by Zygmunt Zagorski (Polish Society of Secondary Schools and Universities, published 1926):

A list of individuals who possibly were Jewish--

p. 13

Roth Salomon—Head of the accounting office for vocational education and the Board of Trustees

p. 17

School representatives (or school board??):

Maurycy Borucki,  (member), Lodz
Wincenty Rybak (deputy), Tomaszow-Mazowiecki

p. 18
Gerszon Neuman (member) Lodz—rabbi

p. 19

Vocational Education Branch:
Borucki Stefan 

p. 22
Zeyland Leon, teacher at the State training school, Poznan

Substitute Member of the School Board of Poznan:
Samulski Seweryn

p. 28
Imiela Emanuel—clerk, Adult Education


p. 31

Bialostock School District:
Michal Balun—Deputy Inspecktor, Novogrodek County

p. 32

Lubelski School District:
Leonard Krupczak—Inspector, Biala

Lvov  School District:
Jakob Utzig—Inspector, Lubaczow
Jozef Podhalicz—Inspector, Brzozow
Stanislaw Garlicki—Inspector, Drohobycz
Szymon Gonet—Inspector, Krosno

 p. 33
Jozef Wisniak--Inspector, Mosciska
Jozef Decker—Inspector, Sokal

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Images from the New Museum of the Jewish People, Israel

"You Are Part of the Story: The New Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot"---a beautiful timeline of images representing the Jewish people; commencing with a view of the 1878 model of the Great Tlomackie Street Synagogue in Warsaw, Poland and moving forward to present day.  The presentation is via the Haaretz website,


This is part #2 of the Polonia manifest for the North Sea sailing in 1932. Most of these individuals were from Warsaw, Lodz, and Lvov; but a few were from other parts of Poland as well.
The passenger list is based on a brochure, "Polonia Passenger Lists on a North Sea Voyage in the Period from 5 August to 19 August 1932", published by "Polish Association of Ships' Transatlantic Linja Gdynia-America, 1932".

Kaflinski Izydor (Ministerial Counsellor/Advisor)--Warsaw
Kalina Leon (Doctor)—Warsaw
Kasten Jankel—Lvov
Katz Adolf (Lawyer)—Tarnow
Katz Jakob (Doctor)--Warsaw
Klein Izydor ( Doktor praw ??)--Lvov
Kleinberger Arnold (Lawyer)--Krakow
Kliose Abraham (Administrator homes??—Landlord??Builder?), Kliose Rechla (wife)--Warsaw
Kluger Michal (Trader)--Krakow
Kolago Leon (Civil Servant)--Warsaw
Kon Pawel (Doctor)—Tamaszow Maz.
Kranc Zofia--Warsaw
Krongold Aniela  (landlady)--Warsaw
Krolik Izaak (Magister farm.??)--Lvov
Kuntze Maks (Doctor)--Katwoice
Kruzer Klara--Bolechow

Lemke Leon (Senate member)--Warsaw
Lewita Zofia--Lodz
Lilinthal Mieczyslaw (Director of T-wa Insurance “Patria”)--Warsaw
Lipski Michal (Engineer)--Pabjanice
Lukaczewska Rachela (Zona Lekarza??)--Bialystok

Marek Waclaw (Engineer)—Krol. Huta
Markus Borys (Director), Markus Lidja (wife)--Lodz
Maslowska Anna (Magister farm.??)--Krakow
Mayer Henryk, (Lawyer)--Radom
Meder Jozef (Teacher)--Inowroclaw
Mejzner Jozef (Druggist)—Warsaw
Minska Zofja (Civil Servant)--Warsaw

Ohrenstejn Dawid (Merchant)--Krakow
Ostrowski Henryk (Lawyer)--Wabrzizno

Parnas Josef (Lawyer)--Lvov
Perelman-Perel Mowsza Abram, Perelman-Perel Rojza (Teacher)—Lodz  (same cabin)
Perle, Juliusz (Lawyer)—Warsaw
Perlowna Wanda (clerk)--Warsaw
Platenik Leopold (Director of Spoldz Bank)--Luck
Posner Halina ( Asyst. Miejsk. Prac. Bakterj.???)--Lodz
Prinz Zygmunt (Druggist)--Stanislawow
Prywer Aron Dawid (Merchant)—Lodz; Prywer Salomon (Civil Servant)—Katowice--------same cabin as Aron

Reichstein Roza--Lodz
Reiser Izaak (Engineer), Reiser Roza Laura (wife)--Lvov
Rogala Juljusz, (Merchant)--Torun
Rosenblatt Zofia--Lodz
Rozental Maksymiljan (Lawyer)--Warsaw

Sadowska Sara--Warsaw
Sass Klara (Shopkeeper)--Lvov
Schonberg Pinkus (Merchant)--Krakow
Segal Kalman (Business Franchise Owner), Segal Ella (wife??), Segal Bernard—Lvov---All in same cabin

Segal Ozjasz (Doctor)--Luck
Sekler Oskar (Lawyer)--Warsaw
Sobocki Bronislaw (sales employee), Sobocka Sara (wife)--Lodz
Sommerfeld Lilly--Bydgoszcz
Steinberg Lejb Leon (Pharmacy owner)
Steinkardt Izydor,
Szpilfogel Julia (Student)--Warsaw

Tenenbaum Jcek (Trader)--Warsaw

Vogler Izydor (Dentist), Vogler Ewa (wife)—Krakow

Wajs Hejman (Doctor), Wajs Anna (wife)--Lodz
Walfisz Dawid (Director Tow. Ubezpieczen??)--Warsaw
Walfisz Marja (Correspondent)--Lodz
Wertheim Jozef, (Lawyer)—Warsaw; Wertheim Leopold (Lawyer)—Skierniewice ----both in same cabin (relatives???)
Wolf Mojsiej Maurycy (Medical Doctor) --Warsaw

Wolfow Romana (Doctor)--Lodz

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(continuation, #2)
The following is a short list of those who were Jewish victims of the Nazis during WWII in the city of Poltava, Ukraine. The information is based on "The Book of Sorrow in the Ukraine" (Vol. 1), which no longer appears to be available online ( Most individuals were shot and buried in Poltava.

The numbers in parentheses are either the birth date/year or the number of people with the same surnames. For any additional information about the individuals appearing on this list only, please use the "comments" at the bottom of this blog post's page.

Dymshyts (3), Dorfman (3), Drannykova (2), Drebynska (9), Dubynsky (3)

Edelman (2), Edlin (6), Eydelman (5), Elkin, Elkonin (2), Esterin (5)

Zhyvotovska, Zhuraviev, Zalischansky, Zaslavsky (7), Zeliksan, Zelberg, Zelkina, Zisman, Zlatkina (2), Zlachevsky (4), Zolotkovsky (3)

Ivensky (5), Ilyevsky (2), Iolina, Itkin (3)

Kagan (4), Kaydanovsky (4), Kalvaser (2), Kanevska (3), Kaplan (2), Kapovsky (2), Kaspersky, Katz (4), Kvalvaser (2), Keytman, Kerzanko (2), Kogan (4), Kozel (3), Korsunska (2), Kofman (2)

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1925 LIST OF USSR MEDICAL DOCTORS (As of January 1, 1924)

(Published by: Public Health Commissariat, Moscow 1925)

It was unclear to me whether the locations mentioned after each name were the individuals’ places of origin, where their medical studies took place, or where they practiced medicine at the time the list was created. There were many misprints/misspellings--the information below is as written.

Gershkopf Anna Wolff—Moscow

Gershlom Anna Vlad—Baku
Hesse/Gesse Roza Ilyin—Leningrad
Gefta Soph. Moise.--Odessa
Glaser/Gleyzer-Makhlin Bruzh Isaak.—Moscow
Glaser/Gleyzer Mary Davyd.—Kiev
Glaser/Gleyzer-Litvak Roza Bentam.—Le-nshprzd ??
Golinskaya Fanny Grit.—Kharkov Institute
Goldberg Me____--ear, nose, throat, Ekaterinoslav
Goldberg Rev___--pediatrician, Kiev
Goldberg Frey Zelyman.—(something Irkutsk), Moscow
Goldenberg Vera—
Goldenberg Gsiri Iosif—Odbosa ?? (Odessa?)
Goldenberg MarshTsark.??—Glavchev ?
Goldenberg Fan.—Ekate.
Goldental Rakh.—“Ezras Hamim” (Ezra Achim ?) Society, Odessa
Goldenshtein Veratszrail ??—Rostov
Goldinova Mina Zelvd.—Bulgakov, Kryshek. SS.R. ??
Goldman Bliz. Dov.—Odessa
Goldman Feiglya Itsk.—Zhitomir, Volynsk.
Goldfein Gesh___--
Goldfeld Alt. Yakov.--Leningrad
Goldfeld Polgsh. Grig.—Elieavetgrad (?), Odessa
Goldstein Ashyaa Yakov.—Kiev
Goldstein Dina Grig.—Baku
Goldstein Maria Mtyaron.—Kiev
Goldstein Soph.Yalov.—Odessa
Golter  Lyub.—Rostov
Goltz OOf. Yakov. Vinishcha, Podolsk
Goltsman Alina Meyer.—Irkutsk
Goltsman/Holtzman Eyef Iosif—Odessa
Gomberg-Talnovsky anna Abr.—Yeli-savetprad, Odessa
Gopshtein Z_______--
Gorvits/Horwitz Mshna Khsak.—Mogilev, Podolsk
Gordon Mina-Shaya Movshg.—Leningrad
Gordon Toreza Lvov—Tversk.
Gordon-Gartel Berta Semen.—
Gordon-Fradkina Fanya Mark—Gomel
Gohbaum/Gokhbaum Polina Naum.--
Gokhman/Hochman Klara Izr.—Ekater.
Graver Khasya/Chasya Berov.—Zhitomir, Volyn
Gutermaher/Gutermakher Fruma Iosif.—Tomsk

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The following information is based on data from the "List of Teachers of Higher Education (secondary, vocational and seminary), R 2", compiled and edited by Zygmunt Zagorski (Polish Society of Secondary Schools and Universities, published 1926)

Higher Schools of General Education:
Bialystock School District Board of Trustees

Claredon Gimnazjum:

Leon Barucki, Leon Czerniakow, Aleksander Isaak, Jozef Zimmerman
pp. 83-86


Jewish Boys’ High School/Gymnasium (49 Kupiecka St.) :

Director: Abraham Frankel

Amalja Lichtman-Franklowa
Berta Bertisch
Michal Cypkin
Jakob Menkes
Ita Welzer
Roza Lewinowa
Anna Jonas
Nuchim Schlosser
Hersz Press
Nuchem Szypper
Aleksander Izaak
Aleksander Wrobel
Chawa Miues
Abram Feldman
Mojzesz Karlinski
Jakob Tapicer

Jewish Girls’ High School/Gymnasium (49 Kupiecka): same teachers as for the Boys’ school.

Co-Educational School (4 Szlachecka St.)—Dawid Druskin (School’s name ??)
Director: Witold Kamieniecki

Jakob Berman
Eljasz Aronsztam
Fela Buki
Helena Farber
Sara karlinska
Stanislaw lewinson
Fania Lewinowna
Symcha Lewin
Hirsz Pres
Dr. Jakob Reifer
Arnold Reiss
Leja Rubinztejn
Tamara Szumska
Samuel Szleifer
Janina Wasikowna
Jozef Mazo
Fania Frejdkin

Co-Educational School (2 Palacowa St.)—Salomon Gutman (school’s name???)
Director: Aron Tileman

Jakob Berman
Natalja Dimitriuk
Leon Wolf Diamand
Isar Einhorn
Elzbieta Johanzon
Rebeka Lichtenstein
Fania Lewinowna
Symcha Lewin
Dr. Isser Oller
Zyna Orlanska
Berta Oninowa
Hirsz Press
Gdalja Rozenman
Leja Rubinstejnowa
Wladyslaw Strzelecki
Oszer Szkolnik
Dr. Sebastjan Tilleman
Menachem Wajnszel
Irena Zabiellowa
Dr. Wlodzimierz Bomasz
Sara Gutman
Judyta Rubinsztejn

Coeducational Gymnasium (74 Sienkiewicza St.; 26 Brukowa St.)----M. Kacnelsona, M. Kaplana, A. Kalmego, Z. Pata

Director: Dawid Brawer

Maurycy Adler
Leon Aronowicz
Emil Benndorf
Jakob Berman
Mowsza Chazanowicz
Nochum Dryswiacki
Klara Gellertowna
Gutka Gutmanowna
Samuel Jakubowski
Szejna Liwszycowna
Aron Orynowski
Dawid Rakowicki
Rochel Rubin-Salomon
Rudolf Schepper
Mikolaj Schonbrunn
Gejsza Szkolnikow Gejsza
Pinchus Szyfman
Jenta Warszawiakowna
Perla Wilenska-Kantor
Mojzesz Zabludowski
Wlodzimierz Bomasz
Mojzesz Goldberg
Pola Szwarcowna

"Tachkemoni" Hebrew High School Gymnasium (3 Szlachecka St.)
Director: Dr. Gedalja Rosenmann 

Jakob Lewitt
Lejba Bomchil
Izrael Lifszyc
Chaim Gorzolcany
Dawid Kossowicki
L. Eksztajn
Chasia Zabludowska
Enoch Zatorski
Chawa Minesowa

Coeducational School (4 Sienkiewicza St.)
Director: Jozef Zeligman

Franciszka Arkinowa
Cecylja Czechowska
Matylda Dereczynska
Jakob Dereczynski
Filip Echenski
Jozef Laniewski
Anna Lebenhaftowa-Krynska
Jozef Lebenhalt
Leon Minc
Zofja Pawlowska
Kalikst Pawlowski
Jozefa Trepczyna
Jerzy Witkowski
Antoni Zalewski
Anna Zeligmanowa
Wlodzimierz Bomasz
Anna Perelszejn

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Hi All,

Here's a ship's manifest for the ship, Polonia, which sailed August 5-19, 1932. The original passenger list is in Polish. There were some words that I was unable to figure out--maybe you can help??? Anyway,  I've tried to select the passengers who had names that "sounded" Jewish. Most of these individuals were from Warsaw, Lodz, and Lvov; but a few were from other parts of Poland as well. Any suggestions or corrections would be appreciated and helpful to all.

The passenger list is based on a brochure, "Polonia Passenger Lists on a North Sea Voyage in the Period from 5 August to 19 August 1932", published by "Polish Association of Ships' Transatlantic Linja Gdynia-America, 1932". Where possible, I have included names, occupations (in parentheses), and places of residence. This is a partial listing. The second part will be published in another blog later this week. I'd love to know if you have any success finding your relatives!!

Staff: B. Abramowicz (Doctor)


Abeles Mendel (industrialist), Abeles Sara (Zona przemyslowca: wife?????-they were in different cabins)—Krakow
Adamowicz Jozef (Lawyer)--Lodz
Akst Juljusz (Engineer)--Warsaw
Altschueller Majer (Civil Servant)--Cieszyn
Ambasz Henryk vel Chaim (Engineer)—Warsaw
Andelman Eugenja (Bookkeeper)—Warsaw
Arend Edward (___ ___ ___ “Galicia” in Gniezno) Gniezno, Arendowa Gertruda (wife)

Bandler Leon (Doctor)--Monasterzyska
Bassenspiller Bala--Warsaw
Bernsztein Jozef (__ __ “Wiedza”)--Krakow
Bialostocka Szeina,
Birkenfeld Julia (Civil Servant??)--Warsaw
Blumensztok Helena (Correspondent ??)--Warsaw
Blumensztok Rachela (Correspondent??)--Warsaw
Boczman Maurycy ( Pharmacy)—Warsaw
Bornsteinowa Helena (Doctor)--Lodz

Ceglarski Leonard (Grain Salesman)--Mrocza
Ceglarska Bronislawa, (bank clerk)--Bydgoszcz
Chajes Rachela (Lawyer’s wife)--Lvov
Chronowicz Abraham (Judge Advocat)--Warsaw
Chwoles Hirsz (Engineer)--Wilno
Cukierman Mojzesz

Distenfeld Rebeka (University Student)--Lvov

Edelstein Artur (Lawyer)—Makow, Malopol.
Ehrlich Edmund (Doctor), Ehrlichowa Emilja (Doctor’s wife)—Lvov
Ehrlich Rachela (Private Civil Servant)--Lvov
Epstein Helena
Epstein Karol (Lawyer), Epstein Marja (wife)--Warsaw

Fajwlewicz Izrael Isser (Doctor)--Lvov
Filtzer Juliusz (Prokurent/Proxy?Attorney S.A. Krusche)--Pabjanice
Finkelstein Karolina (Engineer’s wife)--Lvov
Fischler Nataniel (Lawyer)--Stanislavov
Flaum Jerzy-Stanislaw (insurance??)--Warsaw
Fleischman Maks (Lawyer)--Borynia
Frenkel Jeremiasz (Teacher, middle school/Gymnasium)--Lodz
Frist Juljusz (Lawyer), Fristowna Karolina (Student)—Krakow
Frumkin Naum (Engineer)--Warsaw

Gelbfisz Benjamin-Bejnisz (Dentist)--Warsaw
Gelbron Menachem (Student)--Warsaw
Gerstenowna Perl [Dortor] (Teacher Gynasium)—Rovno/Rowne
Geschwind Helena (Music Teacher)--Lvov
Glik Helena (Biuralistka???)--Lodz
Gliksman Halina (Schoolgirl)--Lodz
Gliksman Hilary (Doctor)—Lodz
Golab Jonatan (Engineer)--Warsaw
Goldman Abram (Merchant)--Krakow
Goldstein Henryk (Clerk)--Warsaw
Goldsztain Abraham (Doctor)--Lodz
Golinska Zofia –Lodz                                                                                
Greschler Abraham (Clerk)--Krakow

Hajtler Julian (Factory Director)—Lodz, Hajtler Amalja (wife)
Halpern Jozef (Dentist)--Lodz
Handler Jakob (Clerk)--Stanislavov
Heyman Zygmunt (Doctor), Heyman Roza (wife), Heyman Edward (student)---Wloclawek (same cabin—son?)
Hirszbein Salomon (Doctor), Hirszbein Tamara (wife)--Warsaw
Hochberg Leo (Journalist)—Warsaw, Hochberg Aleksander (Civil Servant)—Warsaw –same cabin

Idzkowski Leon (Judge Magistrate)--Warsaw
Ilczuk Leonard (Civil Servant)--Warsaw
Irlicht Adolf (Lawyer)--Warsaw
Izraelewicz Henryk (Warsaw)—Business franchise owner

Jastroch Klara (teacher)--Warsaw

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“A Unique Document about the Life of Yuzovka Jews”: the article is based on the document, “Report on the Activities of the Management Board: Benefit Society for the Poor Jews of Yuzovka” (1907), which documents donations, receipts, and expenditures; listing Jewish donors’ names. The alphabetical list of 246 donors from the village of Yuzovka was compiled in January, 1907. Donations ranged from 20 cents to 24 rubles.
As a frame of reference, in 1907, according to the article, the costs for common purchases were:
Coat—60 rubles
Shoes—6.4 rubles
Man’s shirt—5 rubles
5 meters of calico—1 ruble
3 lb. meat, 20 lb. white bread, or 1.5 lb. butter—1 ruble

A few donor names include:
D. Abramov
Ya Yantovsky
I.I. Tudorovski—9 rubles, 50 kopecks
A.Z .Freyliher—6 rubles, 50 kopecks
Nusinkes—1 ruble

Two sample pages of the document appear in the article.

(the article was posted by Alexei Fedko, May 19, 2010)

*The chairman of the society was A.G. Hohlovsky--