Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1926 Poland (Krakow and Lviv): List of Teachers of Higher Education (cont. #3)

The following information is based on data from the "List of Teachers of Higher Education (secondary, vocational and seminary), R 2", compiled and edited by Zygmunt Zagorski (Polish Society of Secondary Schools and Universities, published 1926):

What follows is a list of professors/teachers (who were or who may have been Jewish) on the faculty at some of the universities in Poland in 1926:


Jagiellonian University--

Professors: Dr. Stanislaw Golab (Civil Law), Rafal Taubenschlag (Roman Law)
Assoc. Professor: Artur Benis (Descriptive Economics)

Medical Dept.--

Professors: Leon Wacholz (Forensic Medicine), Bronislaw Kader (Surgery), Aleksandr Rosner Obstetrics (midwifery) & Gynecology

Assoc. Professors: Aleksandr Baurowicz (Ear, Nose, & Throat)

Docents: Josef Szymanowicz (Obstetrics (midwifery) & Gynecology

Philosophy Dept.--

Professors, honored and emeritus (retired): Josef Kallenbach (History of Polish Literature), Leon Sternbach (Classical Philology), Wladyslaw Natanson (Theoretical Physics)

Docents with the title of Assoc. Professor: Feliks Kopera (Cultural History of Poland and Eastern Europe, Alfred Rosenblatt (Mathematics)

Docents: Henryk Raabe (Zoology), Jozef Reiss (History and Theory of Music), Henryk Gaertner (Old Polish Literature), Henryk Eisenberg (History of Philosophy, Ethics, and Aesthetics)

Lecturers: Henryk Bernard (French)


University of Jana Kazimierza (John Casmir)--

Faculty of Law and Political Skills--

Professors: Leon Pininski (Roman and Criminal Law), Juljusz makarewicz (Law and Criminal Process)

Docents with title of Assoc. Professor: Maurycy Allerhand (austrian Civil Procedure Law)

Docent: Emil Stanislaw Rappaport (Criminal Law)

Medical Faculty--

Honorary Professor: Emanuel Machek (Ophthalmology)

Professors: Wladyslaw Szymonowicz (History of Embryology), **Jakob Karol Parnas (Medical Chemistry)

Docents: Wiktor Feliks Reis (Ophthalmology), Jakob Rothfeld (Neurology)

Faculty of the Arts (Humanities)--

Docent with the title Assoc. Professor: Moizisz Schorr (Semitic Languages and History of Ancient East-Semitic)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences--

Assoc. Professors: Zygmunt Weyberg (Mineralogy), Stanislaw Loria (Physics)

Faculty of Medicine--
Rafal Szuszkiewicz (lecturer, gymnastics teacher)

**Jakub Parnas was also known as Yakov Oskarovich Parnas---additional information about him can be found on Wikipedia,