Friday, July 5, 2013

MALYN, UKRAINE: SHCHERBOV YAR--Jews Murdered by the Nazis (#1)

A blogger, Emil Kamenir, created a list of Jews who were murdered in Malyn, Ukraine (Shcherbov Yar). The list contains 160 of the 1200+ people who were killed by the Nazis.
Names, birth year and place of burial were included, where possible. The list, in Russian, can be found at:
 Some of the names are:
Babichenko, Barengolots, Bluvshteyn, Gofman, Katz, Kotlyar, Krapivka, Lantsman, Liberman,  Moroz, Nepomnyashcha, Ovrutsky, Pinsky, Reznik, Reytman, Spivak, Chaykivska,  Yuditsky, et al.

Please see the website for a complete list.