Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A survey of mass graves (victims killed by Nazi firing squads) based on Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense (Foundation 49th Army, inventory 9733, case 120, sheet 46) was available at the URL http://www.shamir.lv/ru/menu/41-Spisok_statey.html (I'm not sure of its present availability). The document was signed by a forensic doctor and others, and dated October 6, 1943 (and a list was published [April 26 1993???] based on data from Yad Vashem). A few of the surnames on the list include:

Basin, Gilman Gorbatovskaya, Dobkin, Zevelev, Monashevskaya, Pevner, et al.

An additional list, in Russian is in pdf format at: http://www.shamir.lv/images/soviet%20period.pdf, and includes some of the following surnames:
Rabinowitz, Rivkin, Sorin, Terfus, Scheinin, Minka, Schumann, et al. Some names have birth years or the total number of family members, as well as names of other family members.

Please check the URLs for additional information.