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The following information is based on data from the "List of Teachers of Higher Education (secondary, vocational and seminary), R 2", compiled and edited by Zygmunt Zagorski (Polish Society of Secondary Schools and Universities, published 1926):

A list of individuals who possibly were Jewish--

p. 13

Roth Salomon—Head of the accounting office for vocational education and the Board of Trustees

p. 17

School representatives (or school board??):

Maurycy Borucki,  (member), Lodz
Wincenty Rybak (deputy), Tomaszow-Mazowiecki

p. 18
Gerszon Neuman (member) Lodz—rabbi

p. 19

Vocational Education Branch:
Borucki Stefan 

p. 22
Zeyland Leon, teacher at the State training school, Poznan

Substitute Member of the School Board of Poznan:
Samulski Seweryn

p. 28
Imiela Emanuel—clerk, Adult Education


p. 31

Bialostock School District:
Michal Balun—Deputy Inspecktor, Novogrodek County

p. 32

Lubelski School District:
Leonard Krupczak—Inspector, Biala

Lvov  School District:
Jakob Utzig—Inspector, Lubaczow
Jozef Podhalicz—Inspector, Brzozow
Stanislaw Garlicki—Inspector, Drohobycz
Szymon Gonet—Inspector, Krosno

 p. 33
Jozef Wisniak--Inspector, Mosciska
Jozef Decker—Inspector, Sokal

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