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Here's a ship's manifest for the ship, Polonia, which sailed August 5-19, 1932. The original passenger list is in Polish. There were some words that I was unable to figure out--maybe you can help??? Anyway,  I've tried to select the passengers who had names that "sounded" Jewish. Most of these individuals were from Warsaw, Lodz, and Lvov; but a few were from other parts of Poland as well. Any suggestions or corrections would be appreciated and helpful to all.

The passenger list is based on a brochure, "Polonia Passenger Lists on a North Sea Voyage in the Period from 5 August to 19 August 1932", published by "Polish Association of Ships' Transatlantic Linja Gdynia-America, 1932". Where possible, I have included names, occupations (in parentheses), and places of residence. This is a partial listing. The second part will be published in another blog later this week. I'd love to know if you have any success finding your relatives!!

Staff: B. Abramowicz (Doctor)


Abeles Mendel (industrialist), Abeles Sara (Zona przemyslowca: wife?????-they were in different cabins)—Krakow
Adamowicz Jozef (Lawyer)--Lodz
Akst Juljusz (Engineer)--Warsaw
Altschueller Majer (Civil Servant)--Cieszyn
Ambasz Henryk vel Chaim (Engineer)—Warsaw
Andelman Eugenja (Bookkeeper)—Warsaw
Arend Edward (___ ___ ___ “Galicia” in Gniezno) Gniezno, Arendowa Gertruda (wife)

Bandler Leon (Doctor)--Monasterzyska
Bassenspiller Bala--Warsaw
Bernsztein Jozef (__ __ “Wiedza”)--Krakow
Bialostocka Szeina,
Birkenfeld Julia (Civil Servant??)--Warsaw
Blumensztok Helena (Correspondent ??)--Warsaw
Blumensztok Rachela (Correspondent??)--Warsaw
Boczman Maurycy ( Pharmacy)—Warsaw
Bornsteinowa Helena (Doctor)--Lodz

Ceglarski Leonard (Grain Salesman)--Mrocza
Ceglarska Bronislawa, (bank clerk)--Bydgoszcz
Chajes Rachela (Lawyer’s wife)--Lvov
Chronowicz Abraham (Judge Advocat)--Warsaw
Chwoles Hirsz (Engineer)--Wilno
Cukierman Mojzesz

Distenfeld Rebeka (University Student)--Lvov

Edelstein Artur (Lawyer)—Makow, Malopol.
Ehrlich Edmund (Doctor), Ehrlichowa Emilja (Doctor’s wife)—Lvov
Ehrlich Rachela (Private Civil Servant)--Lvov
Epstein Helena
Epstein Karol (Lawyer), Epstein Marja (wife)--Warsaw

Fajwlewicz Izrael Isser (Doctor)--Lvov
Filtzer Juliusz (Prokurent/Proxy?Attorney S.A. Krusche)--Pabjanice
Finkelstein Karolina (Engineer’s wife)--Lvov
Fischler Nataniel (Lawyer)--Stanislavov
Flaum Jerzy-Stanislaw (insurance??)--Warsaw
Fleischman Maks (Lawyer)--Borynia
Frenkel Jeremiasz (Teacher, middle school/Gymnasium)--Lodz
Frist Juljusz (Lawyer), Fristowna Karolina (Student)—Krakow
Frumkin Naum (Engineer)--Warsaw

Gelbfisz Benjamin-Bejnisz (Dentist)--Warsaw
Gelbron Menachem (Student)--Warsaw
Gerstenowna Perl [Dortor] (Teacher Gynasium)—Rovno/Rowne
Geschwind Helena (Music Teacher)--Lvov
Glik Helena (Biuralistka???)--Lodz
Gliksman Halina (Schoolgirl)--Lodz
Gliksman Hilary (Doctor)—Lodz
Golab Jonatan (Engineer)--Warsaw
Goldman Abram (Merchant)--Krakow
Goldstein Henryk (Clerk)--Warsaw
Goldsztain Abraham (Doctor)--Lodz
Golinska Zofia –Lodz                                                                                
Greschler Abraham (Clerk)--Krakow

Hajtler Julian (Factory Director)—Lodz, Hajtler Amalja (wife)
Halpern Jozef (Dentist)--Lodz
Handler Jakob (Clerk)--Stanislavov
Heyman Zygmunt (Doctor), Heyman Roza (wife), Heyman Edward (student)---Wloclawek (same cabin—son?)
Hirszbein Salomon (Doctor), Hirszbein Tamara (wife)--Warsaw
Hochberg Leo (Journalist)—Warsaw, Hochberg Aleksander (Civil Servant)—Warsaw –same cabin

Idzkowski Leon (Judge Magistrate)--Warsaw
Ilczuk Leonard (Civil Servant)--Warsaw
Irlicht Adolf (Lawyer)--Warsaw
Izraelewicz Henryk (Warsaw)—Business franchise owner

Jastroch Klara (teacher)--Warsaw

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