Sunday, July 14, 2013


The following is a short list of those who were Jewish victims of the Nazis during WWII in the city of Poltava, Ukraine. The information is based on "The Book of Sorrow in the Ukraine" (Vol. 1), which no longer appears to be available online ( Most individuals were shot and buried in Poltava.

The numbers in parentheses are either the birth date/year or the number of people with the same surnames. For any additional information about the individuals appearing on this list only, please use the "comments" at the bottom of this blog post's page.

Abramovich I., Abramovich, Maria, Agranovich Emu Markovich and Rachel Markovna, Ackerman: Faith, Lily, Michael, Monya, and Sofia, Aronovych: Kika and Monya

An orphanage pupil (1929) died of starvation (no name included).

Balf Leah M. (1924), Barman: Isaac, Joseph M., and Riva, Beyhelman Vladimir N., Beyzelman Rosalia Moyseylvna, Bezman: Elena, Rachel, Meyer, Paul, and a girl (1936-Nov. 23, 1941), Belinkin: Solomonovich ADB (1870), Maria Abramovna (1875), Belitsky: Maya, Jacob, Belman:_____, Riva, Berelovych_____ (1886), ______(1856), Belozersky____,____.,  Biliy

Some additional surnames are:

Section 46-47--
Borohovych (2), Brave, Brahylevska/Brahylevsky (2)
Brand (4), Browser/Brauze/Brauzit, Brin, (3), Brodsky/Brodska (4), Brooke/Bruk (6)

Section 48--
Budnyatska/Budnyatsky (4), Bursak (2)

Weiner (3),

Section 49--
Vafalson (3), Vildavsky (1842), Vitorhan, Vafalson (3), Vengerov (2), Vildavsky, Vitorhan (4), Volga, Volzhska, Volinska

Section 50--
Vitorgan/Vitorhan (4)

Section 51--
Voronel (2), Vaxes/Waxes, Vselyubsky/Vselyubska (5)

Section 53--
Gaysinsky/Gasysin (3), Hershvyld (4), Hershkovych (2)

Section 53--
(It looks like: Sept. 22, 1943, 24 people were burned and buried in the monastery cemetery, Poltava--It is not clear if this refers to the names listed in section 53 or other individuals)

Glazer, Gluzman (2), Hozh (3), Golikova, Holodnykov, Gorbach Esther/Estera (1900)

Section 54--
Horyachnov/Goryachnov, Gofman/Hoffman (2), Graytser, Grafel, Grimberg, Grinblat (either shot or buried in Pushkarivka, Grishko Forest)

Section 55--
Gubarev, Gurevich (5), Gutman (2)

Davidovich, Dashevsky (3)

(to be continued)