Friday, July 19, 2013


In his book, “Jews from Rostov-On-Don: History. Facts. Biography”, Mr. M.A. Gontmakher mentions sick and wounded soldiers who were evacuated from the Rostov Novocherkassk Station. All of the soldiers were privates, except for one corporal, in regiments from various locations. The list below is based on information from his book (pp. 208-09).

Nute/Nuta Ohberg (Finland), Nota Gireht/Girekht (Moscow), Yankel Leyzerovich (Rabochey--"Worker"--Marxist????), Zelman Kachanovsky (Lukow), Nusinov Meytis (Akhaltsikhe), Isaac/Ayzik Gurevich (Uhlan), [Shmuel Miller, Matvey Gershovich, Leib Brilliant?? (Medvedevsky regiments)], Yevsey/Evsei Feldman (Emperor Alexander III Regiment), David Erlich/Erlikh (Yelisavetpol), Corporal Israel Livshits (Lubin), Leiba/Lieb Shalamenyuk (Taganrog), Isai Brinza (Perm), Gersh Shostak (Berezina ??), Hatskel/Hackel Bobovnik (Stravopol)

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