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Again, I am so grateful to Karen Ordanic for her kindness & willingness to share her information with me so that I may pass it on to all of you.

A List of  165 Jewish Young Men Arrested

According to an article, published in Novi Omanut Magazine [12/1998], 165 Jewish youths were arrested in May, 1941. Most were members of the Maccabi Sports Association; and were high school & university students as well as a few craftsmen. Parents made appeals for the release of these youths with no positive outcome.* Of these young people, only three survived concentration camps.

·      The following is a footnote in the article’s notes:
“17.  HDA, f. NDH, no. 28049, 28233; f. NDH, no. 27145. The appeal was signed by: Maria Schlenger, Marija Abraham, Ljubica Frohlich, Etuška widow Berger, Adela Deutsch, Maria Hirš, Mirko Pichler, Marija Abend, Leni Winter, Elsa Reiss, Nada Svećenski, Berta Levinger, Julija widow Weinberger, Olga Pollak, Ana Leitner, Katica Lichtner, Dara Taussig, Julija Mandlović, Rosenzweig (name illegible), Berta Walter, Stella Berger, Marga Dragić, Hedy Klein, Mici Wusler, Đeri (name illegible), Ana Schreiber, Margita Fuchs, Ida Braun, Olga Geselin, Gizela Blühweiss, Ignatz Katz, Olga Schotten, Hela Weill, Frida Krešić, Berta Kraus, Jelka Kraus, Robert Hercog, Elizabeta (surname illegible) i Eugen (surname illegible) with a note: grandfather for grandson.

Also, you can do a search of the Central Database of Jodovno Victims, using the search boxes provided at:

Use an automatic translator as needed.
The boxes from top left to top right: City, Country
-----from bottom left to bottom right: Occupation, Name, Surname

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