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1935-37 TARNOW MARKET PLACE (Rynek, Burek, Dozywocie)
(Polish State Archives Records, Tarnow Branch 1931-1980:USHMM)
          *Possible relatives
p. 81
Records and correspondence relating to market stalls, 1935.
These documents are primarily requests for lower market stall
fees due to financial hardship and/or to facilitate the
relocation of stalls.
no file # City lowers the fees for *Maria Blima Holländer. no date.
no file # Petition of above to lower her fees. no date.
no file # Facts supporting need for above. 15 Feb. 1935.
no file # Petition of Michal Winkelfeld, butcher, to have his fees
lowered. 30 Jan. 1935.
no file # Denial of above. 7 Mar. 1935.
no file # Correspondence relating to Pinkas Rubenstein's fees. 19 Mar.
no file # Correspondence relating to Chaja Rubinstine's fees and
transfer of business to her nephew, Pinkas Rubenstein. no
no file # Correspondence relating to Jósef Kosturkiewicz finances. 20
Feb. 1935.
no file # Correspondence relating to fees of Piszczkiewicz, poultryman.
no date.

p. 96-100

List of Jewish (and possibly some Gentile) merchants and marketstall keepers petitioning the Tarnów municipality, 19361937, to grant them licenses to sell their products, to lower the monthly user fees or grant permission to pay a percentage of daily sales, to allow them to pay arrears in monthly installments or cancel their debts due to poverty. In most cases their petitions are granted after an inquiry and recommendations are made (see Reel 6). Some petitions are denied because the petitioners are deemed able to pay the fees. Others will go out of business. It appears that in 1937 the market stalls had to conform to a certain aesthetic style. Many stall owners petition the city Market Department for postponements of the date by which they have to comply with the style code. The following is a list of marketstall keepers in Tarnów's three markets, the Rynek, Burek and Dozywocie. Several entries not related to individual marketstall keepers are interspersed.
783 Regina Black
Adolfina Bogusz, vegetables
787 Chaim Boguchwal
781 Moses Mendel Rromer, fabrics
785 Moses Kurz
Rachela Eiser
803 Szyja Cukier, used clothing
813 Chrabliwa Sprinca (see 787 above)
825 Syma Drucker
827 Symche Eichenholz
828 Rachela Ehrenberg
835 Sprinze Frölich
Chaja Rachela Fast
Markus Feingold
Jacob Felsen
Cypora Szwarz
845 Sabina Fries
899 Pest control instruction of the Kraków Wojewoda that fruit
saplings cannot be sold in markets or fairs if there is no source
identification. no date.
855 Debora Groder, poultry
863 Gidla Glückman
Naftali Grünbaum, notions
869 Eidel Gralitzer
Natal Berkchamer, meats
Chajim Józef Grün, fish
Chiel Glückman
881 Jakób Grünberg
883 Regina Gutfreund
887 Marjem Gutfreund
889 Dora Hofstädter
891 Salomon Herzberg, baked goods
Sara Hirszfeld
Roza Heuberger
901 Rachela Ziegelhut
915 Rachela Herschfeld
Szaja Herschfeld, textiles
Chaja Hirsch, poultry
927 Anna Hajduk
931 Ester Kann, poultry

937, 961 Löwi Klein
Freida Klein
963 Mindla Kremer, produce
977 Rachela Küchel back from vacation
978 Feiga Kupferwasser, fruits
no file # Abraham Kanarienvogel, underwear
Nysen König, knitted fabrics
993 Ester Küchel has to undergo 3month cure at a spa
995 Liba Kurz, fruits
1003 Leib Kegel, fabrics
Moses Krämer, fruits
1011 Bronislawa Kicówna, dresses
Estera Küchel renewal
Izak Kuchel, fish
1019 Abraham Mendel Kühn, eggs
Lipe Laub, milk
1033 Zofia Lis, baked goods
Naftan Luksenberg, poultry
Szymon Leichtner, poultry
Jankiel Majerowicz, shoes
Leon Migacz, vegetables
Sabina Miedzinska, assorted items
1051 Majer Mansbruch, poultry
1055 Józef Matuga, junk dealer
Józef Mikiewicz, notions
1061 Baila Meth, fabrics
Majer Muschel, fabrics

1079 Juda Mira, fabrics
1083 Cypora Mozes and her daughter, Helena Mozes, cakes
1085 Tariff for use of and for littering of market places as of 19 Dec 1935.
List of 14 items that are tax free.
no file # Hela Mozes
Frymeta Neumark, pants
Markus Berl Pippenberg, caps
1107 Izak Perlman, fish
1109 Mina Ormian
1111 Feiga Rubinstein
1121 Schulim Roth, notions
1125 Gizela Rand
Majer Rand, onions
1131 Jacob Roth, milk
Race Reich
Debora Rand
1145 Wolf Roth
1149 Izak Perman, fish
Frymeta Türschnell, notions
Jözef Sitko, brushes and brooms
Tauba Cina Schwert
Cypora Schwarz
Chaskiel Schleichthorn
Ida Sztrum, fabrics
Rachela Siegeltuch
Sander [former wine merchant]

Chana Stürm
1205 Dora Scheinman
1207 Liebe Spindel, poultry
1223 Marcin Watroba
*Moses Weiser, meats
495 *Mojzesz Weiser given permission to sell meats. no date. (page 90)
Fryda Weissberg, fish
Estera Wolf, fabrics
Józef Zieliński, shooting gallery & toys
1263 Seftla Fisch Singer
1267 Race Reich, notions
1271 Avon Mordeche Yolles
1275 Ginter Leib, leather
1277 Bruche Goldman
1301 Baruch Weinstein, notions

1305 Pesla Topper, fruits