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The following is information  from: “Selected Records from the Polish State Archives in Tarnow Branch, 1931-1980 (bulk 1931-1945)”--USHMM

pp. 5-11
Public prosecutor's office in Tarnów; dossiers of investigations and interrogations of the regional prosecutors. 1931”. Selected cases:

Legal proceedings against Moses Chaim Grünbaum denouncing Leib Schachner and Israel Kamma. Deposition: not guilty‐‐acquitted‐‐lack of proof. 21 Oct 1932, he was accused of nonkosher slaughtering for professional and financial gain, not under auspices of Jewish rabbi. Notes of investigation.
         AKTS of the prosecuting attorney of Tarnow”

II Ds 2750/33
Investigation of denunciation of Dr. Jakob Prawin against the following leaders of the Jewish community in Dębica: Abraham Goldman; Hirsch Horowitz; Moses Keprner; Saul Strauss; and
Abraham Storcow for extortion and defamation of Dawid Pravin, retired railroad station master in Chorzlów and Mielec. The denounced were conspiring to extort money from the widow for
allowing the deceased to be buried in the Dębica Jewish cemetery. Investigative reports of eight witnesses to the machinations of the accused. Disposition discontinuance. Fees for burials are assigned according to the financial status of the family of the deceased. Discontinuance because the fee imposed on the Prawin family was not too high; it fell between the 10800ZT frame.

Ds 3615/33
Investigation in the case of Aron Seidel in charge of the Jewish Community in Ropczyce, anonymously accused of appropriation of land around the Klaus synogogue (the conflict is 60 years old). Disposition no investigation.

Ds 2455/34
Case of Chaim Engländer and others. Concerns elections for Jewishrepresentation of opposition party B.B.W.R. in Tarnów. The JewishCourier informed the readers that there were 1000 fictional voters registered. Because of those votes the progovernment party lost and the SocialistZionist party won. The list was the work of Chaim Engländer, Chaim Aberdam, etc. Mandel Halpern wants the
irregularity investigated. This Mandel Halpern doesn't exist in the
Kahal registers. The Jewish officials reminded not to let anyone
without papers to vote.

Ds 2287/34
Case of David Bierenbaum (accused of abuse of voting rights within the Jewish Community Council). Accused of trying to influence the outcome of the election to the Jewish community representatives in Tarnów by pretending to be Bernard Bieber (who was a registered voter). Discontinuance: objection overruled.

Ds 1423/34
Case of David Roth Kopf (baker) accused by Nathan Müller of the defamation of the Torah by turning his back toward him (torah was behind them). Disposition: discontinuance; groundless accusation.

II Ds 2/34
Case of broken windows in the house of Pinkas Kreiswirth (anti
Jewish activities of the National Party members) on 20 Dec 1933 in Jadowiniki. Suspects unknown. Already third such incident
happened in this village. Damage: 10 zł (around $2). Disposition:
discontinuance, impossibility of finding the perpetrator to be

III Ds 2068/34
Case of Chaim Engel, rabbi from Radomysł Wiełki against Jakob Pelz from RW, 1934 (for spreading rumors undermining the office of state officials); for spreading anonymous letters allegedly written by Chaim Engel to his wife to district offices in Mielec requesting the dismissal of the rabbi from his post with the Kahal. Jakob Pelz accuses the Rabbi of bribingr the officials to let him charge high prices for the ritual killing of cattle and poultry and uses the money for personal use; taking $200 for granting a certain Mendel Ebenhon the job of butcher, etc; pages and pages of investigative reports.

III Ds 4503/34
12 October 1935. Investigation of Fryderyk Jungerman in the case of Growski of harming Berta Appelbaum (17 Nov. 1933) and for giving false evidence in her case against Stanislaw Gilowski, sent to the Court of Appeals in Kraków.

Case of Edward Appelbaum and Berta Appelbaum (widow of the attorney in Tarnów) against Fryderek Jungerman reviewed by the court of appeals in Kraków. Court refused to review the case of
Berta Appelbaum against Stanislaw Gilowski who sold some buildings belonging to the Appelbaums, F. Jungerman, and others.

Case of Izrael Unger, rabbi in Zabno, plaintiff: Abraham Naugot. Argument over burial plot. Naugot objects to assigining a spot by the plaintiff's mother to another woman. After that: Izrael Unger
allegedly harmed the business of the baker Naugot and thus transgressed his official capacity; the rabbi had declared that the goods of Naugot are under "shaal" (czunlt). Disposition: accused
not guilty criminally, but spiritually for not performing in good faith his religious duties.

Case of unknown perpetrators, broken windows at Wiktor Kleinberger in Toponin, district Brzesko, not solved.