Wednesday, July 13, 2016


1838 Vilna Provincial Gazette

#3. August 1838, Bessarabian Regional Board---Leybly Meerovich suspected of trafficking goods across the border

#4 July 13, Grodno Provincial Board—to recover tax arrears owed to Volkovysk County Treasury by Mendel Arkhip, Abram Movnyuvich Kustav or Movshi Shakhritsdlya

#5 Mogilev Provincial Government—tradesman Mendelya Shmuylovich Gduleniya (aka Shevel Samulov Mendel)

#5 Related to Bessarabian law, District Court---Jewish defendants: Beniyamin Moshkovich, Khaim Moshkovich, Poltorak, Moysey Meerovich, Meer Itskovich Rabinovich. Ayzik Meerovich, & Duvid Gorenshteyn

#3 Related to Grodno law—Zelvenski Jew, Movsha Kaplan, to collect 911 zlotys.

#9 Belostok (Bialystok)-- regarding horse theft. Bielsk County, Orlyansk Kahal,, Zeljko Leybovich Sokolchik—Belsky Court

Vilna---Branke Abramova

#5  Volyn. Regarding the financial estate of Gersh Tsalevich Gubershtet for the recovery of penalties related to the Volyn Order of Public Charity. ( Public Charity Orders: “… a network of civil health care facilities available to low-income segment of the population….” )

#6  Regarding the estate of the  dead Matsiovsk Jew, Khaim Mordkhovich __yurder.

“On Finding Different People”:
#2 Courland. Regarding locating three unknown Jews, one of whom was Motko. A Jew, Shepse Ber Berenshteyn, was murdered in the Mezetenskom (?) forest. Motka was about 28 years old, black beard, no special features.
Second,  name unknown, not tall, blond beard, younger, scar on one cheek
Third, also name unknown. Taller than Motko.

#5 Segozh (?). Regarding the locating of the Nizhegorodets contraband of the Jew, Gershko Berenblit. Kremenetsky Court. Decision of the Senate Government about the penalty.


#2 Vilna Province- Leyba Mendielovich, Itsko Teodorovich Brant. Court case—Russian District Court; Volyn Criminal Court Chamber