Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 (Zygmunt Zaleski, “Great Poznan Plan” 1926)

The catalog of street names includes a history of each street as well as former names.The site is in Polish but you can easily use an online translator such as Google on the Chrome browser. An example is available below. 

The link to the original publication can be found at:  “Index: Poznan Street Names”

340 Street. Jewish. (Old Town.'s Old Market Square to the small tanneries). One of the medieval streets, was established shortly after the founding of the Autonomous City. 's Name was originally "ul. Sukiennicza ". Because of the early influx of Jews assigned to them as a ghetto street this, in which I could only live. At the age of 15 street called Sukiennicza and Jewish, later just Jewish. To the ghetto were also some side streets, "a small Jewish" and "Jewish Wroniecka". The same Jewish Christians also lived indeed, and Magistrate baczył diligently to Christian homes not passed into Jewish hands. Ghetto force to fire the city in 1803. After the fire settled Jews in the city where they wanted, but civil rights have not yet received. After all, the Jewish element always have gathered at his street.

 In later times tirelessly tried to erase the historical name. Jews considered themselves as an insult that the street is called Jewish. Already in 1878 received a request for homeowners to change the name. In the last parts of generation and in the press and by way of applications to the Magistrate Jews demanded the abolition of the old name (1902, 1904, 1906, etc.) all in vain.Finally, at the conclusion of 1918, explaining that because the street name dwelling in it are empty, the municipal authorities have agreed to the change. 10 7 1918 dubbed it on the "street. Michael Herz "(Michael Herz Str). But 16 6 1919 the Polish authorities restored the right historical name "ul. Jewish ". Requests for change of name did not cease, recently from residents Christians.