Tuesday, July 22, 2014



The story behind the Shanghai tombstones began with the discovery of the first tombstone in a Shanghai antique store, which led to the unearthing of many more. You can read additional background information in the Asian Wall Street Journal: “Personal Journal” (James T. Areddy, 5/23/2003) and in “Cultural Exchange: Preserving the Relics of Shanghai’s Vanished Jewish Population” (Dan Levin, 7/17/2011):

The following link offers an alphabetical list of names found on the tombstones found in Shanghai. http://www.shanghaijewishmemorial.com/tombstone.htm

Click on a name for additional information about the individual who was interred (ex. Name, country of origin, dates, type of stone, “surface treatment”, where headstone was found and the date it was found, size, state of conservation, & additional personal/family, or other information.