Monday, November 17, 2014

ODESSA: GAOO Archive--Educating Poor Jewish Women

ODESSA PETITION: For the Establishment of a Charity for the Education of Poor Jewish Women in Handicrafts
(from “Jews of Odessa and Southern Ukraine”, LG Belousov)

GAOO Archive (State Archives): Fond 2, op.1, d. 1410, sheet 1
April 7, 1883
An appeal was made to the Odessa governor for the right to establish a charity whose aim would be the training of poor Jewish girls in handicrafts, in order to materially improve their lives and the lives of their families.  The society was to be similar to the existing society, “Work”, which offered apprenticeship for male youth.

The appeal was filed by Maria Emmanuilovne Saker, wife of  an Odessa merchant and Maria Yuzefovich, wife of a Court Adviser.

The petition was signed by:
Rosalia Ivanovna Atlas, wife of an Odessa merchant
Evva Isaakovna Brodskaya, wife of an Odessa merchant
Klara Yakovlevna Ianos, wife of an Odessa merchant
Anastasia Lvovna Goldenberg, wife of a doctor
Maria Emanuilovna Sacker, wife of an Odessa merchant
Rosalia Markovna Fingepshteyn, wife of a state councilor
Maria Yuzefovich
Oscar Dbremoyeich Brodsky, a merchant’s son
Dr. Nikodim/Nicodemus Adolfovich Goldvenberg
Merchant, Aleksandr Lvovich Geduld/Gvduld
Barrister, Moisey/Moses M.